Anyone tested hype vs non-hype? What were your findings? Here are mine.

by Eduard
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Have you ever split tested a sales page or squeeze page or email series or something like that with lots of hype vs. a realistic, honest one? If so, what were your results?

I only did one such test a few months ago with two versions of the same squeeze page. The benefits of opting in were written in a hype form on one version and a non-hype form in the other.

The non hype form sounded like: "You'll learn a proven technique to significantly boost your confidence in just a couple of weeks." Which in my mind was a realistic and truthful promise.

The hyped up form sounded like: "You'll learn a secret techniques that's guaranteed to make you super-confident in 24 hours or less, no matter who you are and how low your confidence is right now". Which is a very exaggerated promise.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that he hyped version performed only slightly better than the non-hype version. Many of the people who opted in were probably different, but the optin rate was pretty close.

Which was encouraging for me because it showed me there is plenty of room for honesty in marketing. But I don't know, maybe they split-test wasn't conducted well, or maybe the conclusions don't apply in too many niches.

That's why I'm asking: what are your experiences with this?

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    Originally Posted by Eduard View Post

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that he hyped version performed only slightly better than the non-hype version.
    When you say "performed", Eduard, are you talking about how the squeeze pages performed (i.e. just the numbers of people opting in), or how the lists performed (i.e. the incomes made from the lists over a period of time)? :confused:

    I ask because in all the testing I've done (though I haven't tested "hype" against "non-hype", per se), the bigger lists have always produced less income. I'd expect, with what you tested, that the slightly smaller list built from a non-hypey squeeze page would perhaps produce significantly more income over a few months, if treated the same as the other list? That would match my overall impressions from my own (albeit rather different) tests, anyway.
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  • Never tasted one myself I don't make it a habit of printing out my sales pages or squeeze pages and licking them though. Do you do it often? (Couldn't help myself )
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