Help. How do you find who is hosting a website in China to send a DMCA?

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We recently found out that one of our copyrighted works is being hosted illegally by a website called doc 88 dot com. There has been no response from the website owner to two of our DMCA notices and over one week has passed in each instance.

WhoIsHostingThis dot com says the website is hosted by Elink-space (Beijing) Technologies. However, there is no record of such a host on searching via Google. The link they provided for them goes to a website called 163 dot com which appears to be a general, news-type website hosted on hostgator.

We wondered if they could be reselling the services from hostgator, but hostgator has confirmed that they are not. The email addresses on the contact page of 163 dot com do not work either. Language seems to be a major barrier and Google translate is helpful to only some extent.

If someone could tell us how to proceed further with this issue, it would be much appreciated.

In general, how do you send DMCAs to websites in China, and what are the ways to find out the ultimate host of a website.

Thanks in advance.
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    I feel for you...

    Sending a DMCA to a hosted site in China is like shooting a BB Gun into the ocean. It won't get you anywhere fast...

    Here is a public WHOIS for the nameserver registrar; but I seriously doubt it will get you anywhwere

     Administrative Contact Details:       YanTai DISIPU Network Co., Ltd.     DISIPU        (     Room 1210-1211, HuaXin Int. Building,     No. 28 ChangJiang Road, Development Dist     YanTai     Shandong,264006     CN     Tel. +86.5356102111     Fax. +86.5356102111

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    Doc88 dot com looks like a doc sharing site in China.

    I read their copyright disclaimer and you just need to send them required information to get your works taken down from their site.

    These information is mostly included in a standard DMCA notice. They might just ignore your DMCA notice that is written in English.

    You can try their instant messaging and phone number on their contact page.
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    Don't think there is much you can do about a site hosted in China. The government doesn't have a problem with bootlegging there, they even have a fake Apple store there.
    " I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that.
    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

    ~ Jeff Bezos

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    It is hosted by
    which I couldn't get to respond, kept timing out, so I don't know if they have a DMCA policy but would highly doubt that you'd get much cooperation from anyone in China
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      The DMCA is a US law. Unless you plan on suing a Chinese company in US federal court for copyright infringement, and then trying to enforce any judgment in a Chinese court, it is meaningless. That is why those in China are ignoring your messages.

      You might have better luck with the domain registrar since a dot com is involved.

      If the problem from the copyrighted material is it showing up in Google search results, Google will remove it if you file a DMCA notice.

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        Thank you everyone. Yes, we have already notified Google about this via their DMCA page on webmaster tools. However, the page still shows up on the Chinese search engine, baidu dot com. We were unable to find a DMCA equivalent page on that website as well.

        So, is the hosting company? I thought it might be one of the DNS servers used by the hosting company? How does one confirm this?

        Also, is it really okay to contact a domain registrar regarding DMCA?

        Thanks jeffreyhuan. In each of our emails, we used the Google translator to translate our email to simplified Chinese and made sure to post the Chinese version above the English version. However, I would have no idea how accurate the translation was.

        I am glad to know they have a copyright disclaimer. Also, we clicked on this button "举报此文档", and in the popup that opened, we used the third option "文档包含商业广告信息" which Google says means "the document contains commercial information", and used that form to send them a copy of the DMCA email as well. The popup had only three other options and they were all not relevant: Document contains reactionary, pornographic or other harm society, Inaccurate document title or classification, Document repeat (duplicate documents link).

        I tried the IM / Customer service link in the footer. But it is in a protocol called tencent? Google search takes me to a site called which is supposed to have the IM client according to Wikipedia but the website is again only in Chinese. With google translator, I am not even able to locate the download link! Even if I did, would the program have an option to have the language as English?

        We tried the phone call option a few days back, but the language seemed an impenetrable barrier again. Yes, I would certainly appreciate some help with the language. Please let me know if I could send you a PM regarding this.

        Thanks all, once again!
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