Newbie needs HELP with strategies and practical steps to make money online.

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Hi Warriors! My name is David and I'm a newbie to IM (just like all of you were once in my shoes).

I would like to humbly request some help from your guys that are already in the game and are making a living off of internet marketing.

This is where I am at:

I have read 2 books on CPA marketing, and the books have been good sources of information but somehow I'm struggling to connect all the dots in my brain so I would like to just talk to someone who actually makes a living off of this to help me organize the information I have learned so that I can use it to take practical steps to start making money online. I've also read many posts on WF about these topics, and although a lot of people are giving great info, it flies over my head because I'm still struggling even with the practical aspect of the basics.

So here are a few questions that I would like to ask you guys (and girls):

01. WHICH STRATEGIES (or methods) HAVE PERSONALLY WORKED FOR YOU to generate substantial income (and by "substantial" I mean $2000+/month)

02. From going through countless posts in Warrior Forum, it seems to me that a lot of people (if not most) make a lot of money from these two strategies.
1. Making money by teaching people how to make money
a. Coaching
b. Selling ebooks or video courses about "how to make money online"
c. Selling WSO to other warriors that are hungry to know "how to make money online"
2. CPA offers marketing
a. using their own blogs or websites, SEO, PPC, and landing pages

These are the main two that I've seen everyone talk about. Which other methods generate a lot of income?

03. I have also seen how many CPA offers are unethical ( I read many WF posts that recommended staying away from the following: **** berry stuff, Weight Loss, Colon cleansers, Dating Sites, Free Laptops and Ipads, teeth whitening, wrinkle removers, free coupons, ect...)
- Personally, I want to respect my buyers and website visitors, therefore; I don't want to trick them or sell them something that I wouldn't want someone else to trick or sell to me.
- I would appreciate if you guys could talk or share about the ethical ways to generate enough income through IM in order to do this for a living.

04. I know there have been previous posts of this kind and some people have given useful detailed information but most actually give out pretty vague useless information that doesn't have any practical value. (And many warriors go off on a rage rant attack!)

05. I want to dive in and I want to take risks and I'm not afraid to take the first step. I just want to be informed enough so that I may be able to take detailed practical steps with an ethical strategy that works. I'm ready to work hard and learn from anyone or any resource.

06. Would any of you guys be willing to share some practical advice and help out a hard-working student who is willing to learn? I would be most grateful for you guys invaluable time and effort to help me out! (I also have skype, if anyone would like to help me!)

Please remember you guys were once in my position, hungry to know more (and wishing that a person who's already doing this for a living be kind enough to point you in the right direction!)

Thank you for your help in advance fellow warriors! I know that a lot of other newbies with similar questions will benefit greatly from your help!

For those who would like to know, here's a little bit about me: I'm 25. I live in Southern California, I speak English, Spanish, and Korean fluently. I studied marketing and studio production in college. I am a songwriter, producer, mixing engineer, singer, and electric guitarist. I lived over 16 years in Latin America. And now I've set my mind to make IM my main source of income and I want to do everything I can to learn it right.
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    Find any source you can to understand the fundamentals on building a list.

    Never leave the building a list behind.

    Find a coach in building a list.
    Find a mentor in building a list.
    Find a membership in building a list.
    Find a good blog in building a list.

    You get the point, find what ever you can in building and interactive list. Everything else will fall in place.

    Do something you enjoy, as long it is in building a list.
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    Every other method produces pennies in comparison to what List Building can do.

    I've done a little CPA and made some money off it, but List Building is the way to go.
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      Thank you guys for replying so quickly to my post.

      So building a list seems like the highest priority.

      I know this sounds like a dumb question, but what do you do after you build a list?

      These are my guesses:

      1. Sell them an ebook about a topic they're interested in
      for eg. an ebook on "how to make money online"?
      2. Sell the list to a company related to the niche of people who wants it?

      And what advice would you give me on how to start this list in the first place?

      I know these are a lot of questions, but thank you so much for your patience and input.
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        Originally Posted by The Way View Post

        Thank you guys for replying so quickly to my post.

        So building a list seems like the highest priority.

        I know this sounds like a dumb question, but what do you do after you build a list?

        These are my guesses:

        1. Sell them an ebook about a topic they're interested in
        for eg. an ebook on "how to make money online"?
        2. Sell the list to a company related to the niche of people who wants it?

        And what advice would you give me on how to start this list in the first place?

        I know these are a lot of questions, but thank you so much for your patience and input.
        Is being a registered member have access to the war room?
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      Hi THE WAY. Okay well the answer I am going to give you is mine and may or may not be unique, but I think therein is the answer to your question.

      I know very little about Internet Marketing and I just learned about it around March of last year. For seven years I have been in financial services helping businesses build credit and get loans. As a former employee of Dun and Bradstreet I learned quite a bit about business credit and had used that ever since.

      I say this because I knew NOTHING of Internet Marketing. For many years I have been hiring sub contractors to try and sell my services to business owners over the Internet. Problem was finding good people hungry to make money online were hard to find locally. I would spend days teaching, coaching and helping only to find without them trying they would one day not show up for work. I had a couple people doing very well, but I needed 10x that number of people. So it was like I had to go through 100 people to find the one gem who would produce.

      The idea was for me was that if I could find 100 people for me to teach my system where each made $10,000 a month, that would mean they make money, I make $10,000 x 100 people (because i make dollar for dollar what others make), the business owner would get a loan and finally the bank makes money from the interest it charges. The point is it is a win-win situation... so I launched a WSO that became almost an overnight hit and am in the process of releasing a second one. So why not launch your own WSO?! Find something that is a win-win for everyone and do that. It's a great experience. I know a 15 year old who launched an awesome plugin.

      What is my point? In life you have skills. Where I learned about finance and turned it into a living, you (as an example) have learned about different languages. Maybe you can teach people how to get a job online translating for doctors' offices, hospitals, etc. Everyone says building a list... these are internet gurus.. I for one have never built or care to build a list. The only list i have are business owners that have opted in to learn how to get a loan and then each month i have one of my guys send them an offer or two.

      There is one other matter. You are young and sound very smart. You think working from home is a dream come true. Let me tell you, it's not. While your eyes twinkle over the soothing thought of being your own boss, coming and going as you please, doing what you like to do, living the free life, taking those long trips and working on the road... let me give you a reality check.... I work about 16 hours a day because my work never leaves me. I go on vacation, but when I do, I have to take my computer with me and work where ever I go. Coming and going as you please, yes, but then if you are dumb enough to leave, what will happen is you will come back to 1000+ messages waiting for you which means now you are not realllllly working because you are busy answering all the messages. Being your own boss sucks... sometimes its great to have a boss you can dump things on and walk away.

      When I had my job at Dun and Bradstreet I would go home from a day's work and actually enjoy myself and not think about my job. I would go on vacation and actually enjoy being on vacation. I liked the structure of being told what to do and when to do it. But it too had the down sides. I guess what I am saying is you can't win. Whatever you do is going to have the good and the bad... which really brings me to the last point I want to make. Do what makes you happy because you will wear it for a long while and the longer you wear it the more it will become a part of you and you will not be able to change it. Why do I say this? Well because the Internet and WF is FILLLLED with many opportunities. It's like a freaking forest of do this or do that. If you are not careful I can see why people jump from one offer to another trying to find the one offer that they can do and enjoy it. I did find an offer on the internet that I liked. It was the one I created.

      Everyone can make money in IM but not everyone wants to. That's why I bring on IM'ers to work with me, because I don't want to do it. They make money, I make money and everyone is happy. Here is another suggestion... I don't know much about this, but maybe go back to school and learn to become a programer and learn how to build WP plugins all day long. I see a ton of people interested in that who would pay you to build plugins. The point is you are still very young and you have options that many us older folks don't.

      Either way the fact that you are searching and asking tells me that regardless of the forest you find yourself in, you are the type to create your own path and I hope in the end that is what you do. Well, that at least is my two pennies I throw into the pot, lol.
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      Originally Posted by rmolina88 View Post

      Every other method produces pennies in comparison to what List Building can do.
      What a load of rubbish... There are many methods out there which can produce the same income as someone with a list. Yeah, lists can make money but don't assume it is the only method which can make money. It is a combination of methods which yields the best results.
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    I have already written somewhere here that these are the three things I am focusing now (and in the future) related to internet/online marketing:

    Geoff Shaw - Kindling

    Markus Daniels - The Easiest SEO Workshop

    Markus Daniels - How To Build Authority Sites Workshop

    The reason why I recommend these ones: During the past two years I read through a lot of material related internet marketing. I mean a LOT. I tested some of the methods. Yes, there are several things that work, I do not deny that. But I found that most of them requires a lot of time to do. The above mentioned ones - after a while - require a little maintenance only.

    Also I checked several offers related to "make money online" and I found that there is nothing behind of them just hype. The above mentioned ones are nothing like those ones. Yes, they require a little work - but they work.

    By the way: I do not recommend you to target people with any offer related to "make money online". That's the worst thing you can do as a newbie... I mind you.
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    To adassist: No, I didn't get the war room membership. So I guess I don't have access to the war room.

    To Butters: which methods do you use that have yielded a lot of profit for you?

    To Creditbuilder: thanks for the down to earth realistic advice

    To CsabaSzücs: Thanks! I'll definately check those out and read upon it.
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    If, however, you already have a blog with a devoted following it should be easy for you to leverage your readers into hard cash. Ad networks such as Google AdSense pay big money to place their ads on your site, and you’ll receive a payment every time a reader clicks one. While it’s easy to go overboard and fill every spare pixel, if you place your ads well it’s possible to make a comfortable income from your site.
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    Sell stock photography. The Internet has caused an explosion in the demand for stock photography. As the number of media and commercial outlets has increased dramatically with the growth of online media there’s an enormous need for high quality stock photos.

    I make $50 every 3 hours. Learn my methods here:

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    RachelLily: Do you make a lot of income selling stock photography? my bro is actually a photographer. So you suggest we package his photos with a certain theme and sell his photos on the stock photography websites?

    Tomerep: I am considering making my own website about teaching Guitar Players how to write their own songs in the style of the artists they like. I just thought about it today all I'm wondering is how much are these musicians willing to pay (as most musicians aren't very rich)
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    No matter what method you choose like many other have stated before me the money you make is from your list.

    The three basic steps to achieve online income on a regular basis, is to...

    1. Find a profitable niche. Basically find a market where people are spending money
    2. Collect email address's of people interested in your niche.. (BUILDING YOUR LIST)
    3. Offer value to your list for free and promote other people's products or your own, and profit.

    In the end if you are good to your list and treat them with respect, and not as just a credit card - they will in return be good to you.
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    Sorry for asking a question that may be self-explanatory but I just need to know clearly. What's something practical you can do with the list? How do you make money off of the list?

    Thank you, plz don't stone me!
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      Originally Posted by The Way View Post

      Sorry for asking a question that may be self-explanatory but I just need to know clearly. What's something practical you can do with the list? How do you make money off of the list?

      Thank you, plz don't stone me!
      Once you have a list of prospects (or better yet, a list of buyers) in a particular niche, then you send them affiliate offers (or better yet, your own offers).

      For instance, I got my start by creating a WSO. I was very fortunate in that my first WSO sold very well. So I had a list of buyers, and I promoted other WSOs to them as an affiliate.

      You don't have to create a WSO to get a list of buyers, though. Another strategy is to create a short report on some specific topic, then contact WSO creators and offer to put your report on their download page as a free bonus to their buyers. The buyer has to optin to your list in order to get your report, and now you are building a list of WSO buyers.

      Your report has to be of real value, and it should complement the product being sold.

      As a hypothetical example, you could create a report that lists, say, 25 sources of inexpensive, high quality, custom written articles - these could be fiverr gigs, or people in the "Warriors For Hire" or "Warrior Classified Ads" section.

      Then find Warriors who are selling WSOs related to Article Marketing and offer your report as a bonus for their buyers.

      Once you start building a list of WSO buyers, you can promote WSOs to your list and earn affiliate commissions.
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    This is method I use for CPA promotion:

    Traffic => Squeeze page => CPA offer

    and in a details I do like that. Drive traffic using SEO method and PPV method. SEO everyone know that is not impossible same day and not even in 7 days so till I work on my SEO I simply use also PPV what convert very good to me but I use this method:

    I have squeeze page with CB (ClickBank) affiliate offer, opt-in form and I give for free. If someone like will opt in and he is mine but if he don't he will click to exit page and here is where my new method hit the goal, a pup up window will come up telling him not to leave the page, that I have some special offer for him in a exchange of opt in and most of the people will do it and stay on the page so after he opt in I redirect him to a CPA offer related to main product I promote and I hit the goal.
    This is how I do!
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    Hi friend,
    There is one adage which says those who ask for direction never get lost on the way to better destination. Just like what others have already said, no matter from any angle you wants to make full time income from internet, it is very important you build responsive list of subscribers and try to build good relationship with them. In fact, you have something in you that you can build income arround from just like "electric guitar" stuffs, it is what you can build authority site on it by teach lots of people how to do eletric guitar becasue it is what you really know well. Hope this help.
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    The only method I know is look for given problem needed to be solved and devote all your resources solving them and marketing and promoting it by telling every body who might be interested that you solve this or that problem.

    Submit your articles to FREE, approval within 48 hours

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    Hi The Way,

    I am sure there is a lots of opportunities for you to make money ethically and completely practically in the internet.

    You have very good talents to make huge money in internet.
    e.g you mentioned your can speak 3 languages fluently, songwriter, producer, mixing engineer, singer, and electric guitarist. So, what are you waiting for?

    You can write a book about the essential requirements of be a songwriter.

    There is a lots of hot selling books out there about electric guitar. Just do some research get the idea how you can write a one too put it in a site like Amazon enjoy your money.

    Another example is selling learning language packages which it's a very hot niche in the internet.


    Just do a home based business like this:
    Home Based Travel Agent, Home Based Agent, Sell Cruises

    I'm sure you'll be very successful,

    Good Luck man,
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    Hi theway
    there are massive opportunities online but knowing where to start in such a massive market can be overwhelming. After several years in this industry and trying a variety of options I came to the conclusion as many before me in any venture is that its better to not reinvent the wheel. Copying a proven method is often the quickest route to success. I would recommend you look for a mentor and follow their guidance. There are many reputable ones to choose from. Dean Holland is my current mentor, he's was mentored by Alex Jeffrey, he was mentored by Mike Filsaime
    FREE Instant Download - Learn How to Build Massive Residual Home Income with my My Guide to Leveraging the Power of Blogs & How to Quickly Build a Massive Mailing List Click Here to Download
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    Hi The Way. I too am a newbie internet marketer. My advice would be to read as much information as you can on internet marketing. Find a niche within internet marketing that interests you and read even more on that. Use the warrior forum to find experts in that area and again, read and digest what advice they give. Only then should you delve into that niche. Every newbie wants instant success but rarely will that happen.

    My choice was email marketing. I've created a squeeze page and now I'm marketing it. I've been up and going for a week now. I have a small budget so I'm concentrating on free traffic sources for now. It's slow going but I want to strike the right balance before investing larger sums of money.
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    By and far the most money that I've generated online involved growing a list of customers, establishing a level of trust with those customers, and continuing to send them offers via email. Bottom line, to do that, you have to sell stuff. The easiest way to get started is set up a squeeze page with a freebie, and after they opt in for the freebie, send them to a one time offer.
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