How much do you charge advertisers on you site?

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I have some websites/webpages that I'm certain get good views.

How much can I charge to place banners for other marketers?


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    Depending on your traffic as well as your niche(depending on the whether it is big ticket item)

    Do note that banners will be driving your traffic away from your site. The charges need to compensate your potential loss.
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    I don't think there is a standard, as it bothers in so many things such traffics, niche, region, positions etc, just search what your competitors or sites that are current in the field are charging.

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    Depends on your traffic, content, etc, but the main thing is, how much are they willing to pay? That is, what do your competitors charge? What is the company's advertising budget? If they're savvy, they should know most of this already, and you can simply offer them what they know they need.
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  • Depends on a lot of factors - banner size and placement, domain PR, niche, traffic to your site, what is the potential revenue loss due to visitors leaving your site by clicking on the banners. Inquire online with services that offer media buying campaigns to get a few figures of the current charges.
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    Thanks everyone.

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