Anyone with experience hiring remote staff?

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I'm looking to hire remote staff (FULL-TIME OFFSHORE WORKER) for the following tasks:

1. writing, creating content for my website
2. translating my existing blog content into other languages

These would be 2 entirely different jobs. I've thought about hiring translators by the word but the rates seems to cost too much. I figured it might be a better idea to pay them by the hour and be able to watch them work.

If you know of any good sites or methods to find remote workers, it would be especially beneficial to me. Thank you.
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    I have hired many great workers from this very forum...

    Simply cruise over to the "warriors for hire" and "warriors looking to hire you" sections of this forum.

    It costs $5 to post a thread in the "warriors looking to hire you" section but you will get many qualified applicants and it's always nice to keep it in the community

    Hope this helps. Good luck

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    Here is one crucial piece of advice. Always ask for a short custom writing sample.

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    I should clarify that I'm looking to hire full-time employees.
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      Originally Posted by blackli0n View Post

      I should clarify that I'm looking to hire full-time employees.
      Hi Blacklion, if you're looking for remote employees that you could hire full time I think I could help you. I recommend you to check out

      However, when hiring remote workers you must test them first in order to see their potential at work. It could also help you assure that the person you're going to hire is the right one for the job. Hiring remote workers is very crucial that could affect your business and hiring the wrong employee could be fatal.

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    +1 for

    I've been recommending them ever since. It fits your preference too since you are seeking for only full-time offshore workers. That's what they are offering.
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