I Made A Mistake With My Wordpress Site, HELP.

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I bought a wordpress blog about a year ago it was promoting an ebook and was ranked on page one of Google. Well I decided I didn't want the category showing in the URL so I decided to remove all categories from the URL's, big mistake. I am new to Wordpress and didn't know that I would lose all my traffic.

So now I have lost all my traffic and number one position in Google. All my URL's look like this now http://www.mynewsite.com/dog-training where they use to look like http://www.mynewsite.com/pets/dog-training and I was getting a lot of sales and traffic.

My question is if I start over and build backlinks to the new URL's will Google rank the site again? Because now all my old URL's are showing errors. I posted a lot of new post since then also so I don't want to return to the categories in the URL.
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    You can redirect it by using .htaccess

    I have to go so, I will leave you with this to think ==> WordPress › Support ยป Proper 301 Redirect in .htaccess

    Because the erroneous URLs can cause decrease in good traffic.
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    Your misfortune is sad but self inflicted. I certainly is a good warning to others to consider the consequences of their online actions before they jump in with both feet.

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    That is great information, thanks.

    The old URL's were changed over six months ago and I never did anything else with the site until recently I begin to post new content. Do you think the redirects will still work or should I just redo a lot of SEO for the keywords on the old post?
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    I feel sorry for you. That stinks.
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