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Good day fellow warriors,

Where do you buy your PLR content? I am looking for a very specific subject: "Brain health", "Brain Training"

What are the quality metrics for PLR content (ex.: Content is only used by a handful of people?)

Thank you
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  • Since you're very specific about your subjects, you'll probably
    save time and money hiring a ghost writer.

    I've got a ton of PLR products...a lot of them in the health
    niche, and don't recall ever seeing anything regarding those

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    • That's a very, very specific topic and I doubt you'll find a site that is selling that kind of PLR content.

      I think you'll definitely have to hire a ghostwriter for such material and I would expect that you'll end up paying a fortune for such a specific topic.

      You can try to hire a ghost writer on elance or even post some messages here to try find a ghost writer. I'd say that's your best bet!
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        ok thank you guys, and what about the quality metrics for PLR content?

        Some guy who was in Super Apprentice said he stopped using PLR because Google
        penalized him for it, why would Google penalize you? What kind of evil PLR must you have to
        be penalized for it?
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    Hire a good ghostwriter willing to do the research, though it will cost more.

    Check the writers communities like helium and searchwarp, also the Ezine articles forum.

    Some let you put up an ad for the work required.
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