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I myself am a bit of a dreamer, always thinking about the next big thing, new ideas, new wesbites, in fact at the moment its 6:31am in Dresden, Germany and i have been awake since about 3am because i had a new Big Idea!

We are constantly chatting about ebooks, article writing, video marketing and etc. But what about the massive sites that pull in millions of dollars and sell for billions more, are there any warriors actually working towards building things like this?

This would be the dream, to capture a new idea that everyone falls in love with the world over and you go from working in your cramped office/bedroom/diningroom to being a muti millionaire.

As much as i love internet marketing i love the actual internet even more. I honestly dont want to be stuck doing launches and recording videos just to sell some info products until im old and grey. I would rather create a massive site and live of the riches.

Then i think about the guys like Frank Kern and Mike Filsaime, these guys have enough money to create a new big site each and every month and eventually one win people over right? So do big time marketers invest in projects of this nature or are they serial sales men and will continue to market the product and sell it till they die?

And what about yourself?

Thoughts, comments?
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    Interesting post. I think most people start off using all those marketing tools from other professional marketers simply cause they need to become an expert at it first before they go out on their own making there own systems. What was your big idea?
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    I had an "eureka" in 2004 when I conceived "the next big Internet Idea" (specifically it's the Next Big Internet Marketing Idea) and have been working on it ever since. A few months ago I pushed it to the front of my priority list and I am now actually seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (hopefully it's not the train!).

    Now that it's closer to becoming a reality I have to deal with the real world issues of promoting it and getting beta testers, potential affiliates or JV partners and endorsements, all while protecting my idea. I could really use some investment capital to launch it, but again I'm not sure how to get it without devulging too much so I'm trying to raise the funds myself.

    It's exciting and nerve wracking at the same time, next week I have some "alpha testers" who I am going to meet face-to-face while they pull it apart and criticize it and try to break it. Who knows, I may indeed have the next big thing or I may just be headed down the road to obscurity. If I don't try I guess I'll never know!

    It's not really the potential to make a lot of money that drives me to build this (although admittedly that is a definite plus). The real drive is to prove to myself that the idea is sound and that the product (web application) is indeed something that other marketers will find useful, perhaps even indispensable. Peer recognition has always been for me the highest form of praise, and to get that would make the whole effort worthwhile.

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    Yeah interesting man, made me think.

    Ill get back to you on it
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    really very interesting post! I think that newbies, intermediate or even experts still rely on those who achieve the big thing. Like google, they also start from scratch and even being rejected, somehow, due to their persistence they made it big. It is not always impossible for each one of us to achieve this.
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      Hi Bill, I admire the fact you're putting action into your big idea. I'm sure the stuff you'll learn just from the process will be very valuable. Keep us updated on your project. Wish you all the best with it.
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    Hi peoples,
    I think what I have learned recently is that what the wealthy online marketers are marketing to are "business owners." The have expendible income, are use to advertising and purchasing assets which promise profits. So I was thinking maybe you would know how I could target the 25 plus million of business owners? Anyone know how I could create the buyer's list of this clientele rather quickly? Please post and let us know... Thankyou. I appreciate the posting is a great idea to combine ideas and assets....Maybe someone could combine with my idea?
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      Yes its not all about making money then it is about adding to the evolution of the web and humanity in a weird kinda way. Im a big idea dude. Always have been but for the moment im working on small ideas to raise my capital and profile so that one day i have enough energy and other resources to work my Big Ideas.

      In the past i have put time and energy into those big ideas and found its like trying to climb everest first go instead of climbing smaller mountains first for training.

      Good luck to all that have those Big Ideas.
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    You're very much like me in the sense that I'm a person with tons of ideas and a bit of an insomniac :0 haha.

    But ya know, if you have a vision, make it happen. Like any business or idea, work up a plan and let it sit for awhile in your mind instead of jumping on an impulse.

    The great thing about the internet today, is you basically can do anything. If you don't have the skills to do it, not a problem...

    Just outsource it

    Budget yourself and possibly start with smaller goals, that way you can fund the efforts of bigger ideas.

    Best of luck,
    At Manifest Income our mission is to Help You Build A Business That Matches Your Passion.

    We offer: Free Business Plans, Web Design, Online Marketing Training, Mentorship, & Support!
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    This is a good idea and you should ALWAYS think big. However in my experience it is the SMALL ideas that you BUILD upon that become bigger...

    So of course aim for the stars, but start with small steps and successes and then build on them and you may well end up with a site like Facebook...

    Chris Jones
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