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Hi Warriors,

I'm on and off the WF here very sporadically. This board moves so fast and since I don't live here, I don't have my thumb on the WF pulse.

I'm thinking about posting a WSO for some copywriting services, but wanted to know if any Warriors here need some top-notch, albeit discounted copywriting services before I post a WSO. I rarely go to the WSO section and have only posted a couple of WSO's before. (In the past, I've posted a WSO that didn't get any takers simply because it seemed like it wasn't what the Warriors needed at the time.)

We've all seen the sob stories from people who need some quick cash and want a handout. I hate those and I don't like to share all of my personal problems on a public forum. So I'm not going to. (And I'm not looking for a handout either.) But for a small collection of reasons, I need to raise about $2,500 to catch up since my copywriting schedule has some vacancies. (Grrr! Don't you hate it when people take up slots in your schedule and then back out at the last minute?)

Anyway, I was thinking about offering to write some Web sales copy for a flat $500 (up to 10 manuscript pages) for just five Warriors. Normally, I'd charge anywhere between $3,000 and $5,000 for Web sales copy (up to 10 manuscript pages), so this is a STEEPLY discounted price. I can post the details of the offer and testimonials in the actual WSO itself. I know many people here need sales copy to sell their products and services but can't always afford a copywriter's normal rates. And you may not need copy at this time.

Would you please let me know if you're interested? If enough people need some copy, I'll post the WSO.

Michelle Nightengale
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