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by clay44
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Hello all warrior forum members... I am about to create my own ebook for my niche. What are some of the most important things to keep in mind when creating, pricing, and marketing your ebook?
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  • #1 You better make it GOOD. (People can see right through the BS)

    #2 Once you know you have a good product, it's almost instinctive on how to market and price it... I mean - you won't be PERFECT at it, but you'll be passionate about it enough to know your value.

    Think of it as a piano teacher.

    You'd start out teaching snotty 5 year olds for 10 bucks a lesson, but when they all become savants and world-famous, and people come clamoring at your door to teach their kid - you're pretty much not going to be charging 10 bucks a lesson anymore.

    You're going to charge WHATEVER PRICE will keep the door-knocking at the level you can manage!

    If it is 50 bucks a lesson or 1000 bucks a lesson. You'll know - because people will tell you.
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    Invest in quality. This means the ebook must be deep and must be actually USEFUL.

    Second, invest in an effective sales page.
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    Do not fill that ebook up with fluff just to increase the number of pages. Have your sales copy sound genuine and make sure it reflects the content of the ebook. Have an interesting title and cover picture
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    Yes, it's been said above but I'll say it also...make sure your book is very high quality. Don't use PLR or anything like that.

    Secondly, focus on the marketing even before you finish your book, especially if you plan on creating multiple books in the same niche...if so, you need to start branding yourself as an author right away.
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    Be sure that your content is written with a sincere intent to help people.

    Open up a 2-way relationship with your readers. Use a blog or facebook group where your readers can interact with you, and with each other.

    Leverage this 2-way relationship to recruit affiliates to help you market your product.

    Have a long term plan; don't just stop at the initial sale.

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    Oh and don't price it too high or too low. The first will put people off buying it, while the latter will make people think it is not valuable
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    Make sure your eBook is of high quality and make sure that it helps to solve a need in the niche which you are pursuing.
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    The first thing you need to do is research. You need to find a problem that people want a solution for and are willing to pay for. You don’t necessarily need to have knowledge about the problem, because you can learn more about the problem and potential solution later. If you already have a blog or email list, the easiest way is to just ask your readers what they struggle with and what they would like a solution for.

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      All good advice above, especially Beverly's price point advice. Also agree with Rachel - write the eBook that people want to buy (do your research, ask for their pain, fill the need from the feedback), that's the ultimate tip for success.

      Only thing I'd add is make sure you use a spell checker and edit / format it nicely for an easy read (use eLance to outsource this if it's not your strong point). Use a nice image from iStockPhoto (or sxc.hu if you are really strapped for cash) for the cover too.

      Good luck with it!
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        Thanks! I will definitely implement all of these tips in my ebook.
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    Take a look at your competition. Are people in your niche purchasing info products? If so, analyze the successful ones, both the product and the sales process. If not, you might reconsider even tackling the project.

    Find where your market hangs out online. Get in there and pay attention to what problems they are looking for solutions to. Those are the things you should address in your book.

    Enlist the help of some honest critics to review your first draft. Take their suggestions to heart, and incorporate what you feel is valid into your work.

    Enlist the help of those same critics and more to review your final draft, then tweak your work as necessary and finish the book up.
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    Definitely make sure you have a high quality book. You want something that people will recommend to their friends. Don't worry as much about length as you do about quality.

    It's also critical that you have a professional looking cover. A lot of DIY jobs look sad and don't market your book properly.

    I agree with Beverly on the price research. But if it's the first in a series, you might keep the price low so that you can get an audience following. Good luck!
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    Make a good disclaimer so that nobody will dare to resell your ebook.

    Make the tittle, the introduction and the ending interesting so that the reader keeps on reading it.

    Drop some main points in between the ebook. Like " scroll down to see the secret website!".
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    Originally Posted by clay44 View Post

    Hello all warrior forum members... I am about to create my own ebook for my niche. What are some of the most important things to keep in mind when creating, pricing, and marketing your ebook?
    It is really simple - write what people want to read - price the book at what they will pay.

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    Write like you're talking to a friend.

    Everybody gets this wrong. They write like they're trying to sell the reader a used car, which is dumb.
    Write like you're sitting next to your buddy at a bar and he just asked you about whatever topic your ebook is on.

    Now, make sure that all of your grammar mistakes are fixed and it isn't a mess. Use humor and don't be dry. Sound like a cool dude (or lady) and just be yourself.

    Also, don't use the words "I THINK THAT..." or "MAYBE YOU SHOULD..."


    These people just paid for your book, and they expect you to know what you're talking about. So sound like you do!
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    Originally Posted by clay44 View Post

    Hello all warrior forum members... I am about to create my own ebook for my niche. What are some of the most important things to keep in mind when creating, pricing, and marketing your ebook?
    Never say "that's good enough". Make it perfect, make look fabulous, and make it cheap. It will sell like hot cakes if it is that good.
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    Ensure that the book is of a high quality and to do this create a survey and ask people what they would like to learn about. Being in a forum relating to your niche is a great place to start because people are asking for help all the time. Take about 10 questions that are repeatedly asked and create a book about that.
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