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Hey Guys I'm creating this thread for everyone to come to as a reference for free traffic methods, because it's pretty tough to find a list of sources. Feel free to contribute by recommending some methods and i'll add it to the list. Hope this helps

By the way I don't really know that many but I will try to list as many as I can! lol

Traffic Exchanges: View Other Websites in exchange for views for your site!
  • (my favorite)

    Text Ad Exchanges: Simply Exchange Text Ads!

Get a to increase traffic potential with these exchanges.

Also get an account at this is to manage all of your traffic exchange accounts.

Social Media: All of the basic social media websites

You should get an account at to manage all of your social media campaigns and automate your marketing.

Also learn how to get a PixelPipe Account Here to distribute your videos to more sites for free!

Forum Marketing: Get Traffic from forums!

For this method just simply check out your forum guidelines and make sure it is okay to post opportunities, if not then simply post a link in your signature also check if this is okay as well.

I suggest making only two - three accounts on the top forums in your niche and add a signature to each of those accounts, and participate in those forums daily.

Video Marketing: Leverage the power of Video!

Simply make a high quality video if you can, and upload them to video sharing sites like:
  • of course

To automate the upload process I recommend you check out the PixelPipe guide, which you can can read Here.

Article Marketing: Write Articles and get them ranked on Google!

Here are some Article Directories to post articles on:


When writing your articles make sure to make it very detailed and helpful and anywhere from 500-700 words. For SEO purposes Include a keyword of your choice in your title, and once in your article and LSI keywords throughout your article. An LSI Keyword is a Keyword that is related to your keyword for ex: Main Keyword: Weight loss, LSI: Lose weight lol.

Blogging: Get Residual Traffic Through Blogging!

Create a blog for your specific niche and add unique content to it everyday. After a while you will start to see traffic coming in, the amount of traffic varies, if you have many quality blog posts, you will see a massive amount of traffic, i'm not kidding.

You can create a free blog at these websites:

Will add more..

There are many others but you can get started with these


SEO Tools
  • Google Keyword Tool: Used for keyword research
  • Google Analytic Program: Used to track traffic for your website
    • SEM Rush: Analyze competition for websites

Free Autoresponders:

Alright guys here are some good free resources to start out with!

I hope this helps and I will update this list periodically.

Take care!

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