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Dear Friends,

I am looking to start an authority site to generate leads for my business. But I was wondering which of these 2 methods are good:

1) Corporate Site + Blog

Corporate Site is 1+ year old domain and I can redesign it to have both corporate site data along with blog, but front page wont be blog. It will be more like:

Website Design+Marketing Company in NYC | Blue Fountain Media
All-in-One Marketing Software | Inbound Marketing with HubSpot

2) Authority Site

Authority site is as said in Adsense Micro Niche V2 - Large Authority site with themed keywords. Home page is blog format with all catagories, etc

My Site's Goal & Content:

I will have 200 articles initially posted and add few articles every week or daily. I will have webminar, videos, audios, and free reports, etc in it too. I will have few major technology catagories (its technology blog) along with opt-in section.

I want to attain good seo benefits, at the same time, have higher conversion rate of subscribers, opt-ins and clients.

If I use authority site model, then using banner ads, I have to redirect people to my corporate site. Using corporate site does it by itself, though I have to use ads to direct them to service pages.

In authority site model, after panda, it seems silo sites have to be used. I found resource at Bruce Clay IN - Theming Through Siloing
Not sure if that is needed to be implemented in either cases too.
BUT my goal is NOT adsense. I wont have adsense or so. Its for corporate sales and branding myself as authority and driving seo traffic and building email list.

So what is the best type that you suggest?

Looking forward for your help.
Happy to answer any questions you might have.
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