What is a realistic great conversion rate for a $97 product?

by JasonParker 5 replies
Hey Warriors,

I'm working on tweaking my sales page for my new $97 product.

I was thinking a good goal conversion rate could be 4%. But this is my first time selling a product at this price point.

So... what is a realistic great conversion rate for a $97 product?
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    Hey Jason,

    Flippant, but it starts the debate...

    If your offer has a perceived value of > $97, then you can expect a decent conversion.

    If it's less, expect less.

    Conversion rates vary SO much depending on your target audience, market forces, credibility, competition, whether you already have a 'buying list', etc, that a benchmark % figure would almost certainly be impossible to guess.

    Test and measure, dude.


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      Steve's right. There are just far too many factors for us to give you any clear answer or anything even close. We could say ya 4% seems good, and it could do 8% easy, or maybe just 1%.

      Funny you bring this up though, my product is a $97 product as well.
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      Too broad of a question. Kind of like, "how much does a car cost?"

      Depends on your leads, their expectations, the niche, product, payment terms, etc. etc.

      All that matters is the most profitable price point out there. Sometimes volume>profit per sale.
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        Well, yeah.

        I'm just curious about what you consider to be a good goal conversion rate for a $97 product.

        ...Like... what conversion rate would you personally be satisfied with for a $97 product?

        ...And... how high has your conversion rate ever been for a $97 product?
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          I'd say 4% would be a GREAT conversion rate; not sure about realistic.

          Might be pushing it... But go for it. IMO 2% on a $97 product would be GREAT. That's still $2/click!

          Of course, I'm talking about cold traffic. If you're doing JV's or sending some warm traffic, it could definitely be higher than 4%.
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