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Hi Warriors,

Assuming a service has it's own affiliate program rather than one managed through network companies, what is the best way to let affiliate marketers find out about it? I imagine starting off with a press release couldn't hurt, article marketing, creating a thread in the JV section and a banner here on Warrior, an email to subscribers of that service...

However, what else is there? Are there any well known forums or websites that are good places to spread the word (without needing to build a relationship first)? Any tips and advice you all have would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hey Anthony,

    One of the best things is to continue to network

    There are a few sites where it would be beneficial to list which tailor specifically to affiliates.

    You can list it on
    Affiliate Programs & New Product Launches | | The Hottest New Product Launches for Affiliates!

    Launchboards | Affiliate Programs Marketplace |

    and I would also recommend my good friend, Mike Merz's site
    Joint Venture (JV) Marketing + Networking Community

    You can also try building up your network of contacts on Facebook. I've found some great success networking on facebook. It takes some time and you don't want to spam people... but if your goal is to build a sustainable business then it's worth the time.

    The biggest thing I can recommend is that you've got a good affiliate suite in place (banners, emails etc) and that you have some stats available. Any affiliate who can drive sales is going to want to know the stats.

    Hope this helps.

    All the best
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    Targeted forums does the job usually if not find sites that already promote affiliate programs like affiliate seeker.
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    Thanks for your reply Sean, much appreciated! I'll check out some of the places now and keep your pointers in mind.
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