How to build your list for free?

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What would be your strategy?
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    The only way to build your list for free is to get free traffic...and that doesn't really exist. You pay with either time of money. But you certainly pay.

    What doe you mean by build your list for free?
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    I personally like forum marketing, kindle reports and short reports, intergration and strategic alliances, social, and youtube, those are probably my favorite free traffic strategies.

    They are well worth the time put in for the investment you get back.
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    Contribute products to JV Giveaways.

    There are some listed here:
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    Blog commenting, forum marketing, video marketing, etc. But like the person above me said you either pay with your money or your time.
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    Facebook is my number one free list building strategy.
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    In order to build your list for free fast and effective, this is what you should be doing:

    1. set up a good converting sales funnel
    2. add at least one upsell or an OTO
    3. add at least one downsell
    4. add at least one PPL program to your download page or email follow up
    5. start buying solo ads on a daily basis

    This way you should be building your list fast, and if you have a converting sales funnel on at least 1% CR you should be making your money back that you have spent on solo ads.. you should even be in profit with this system

    This is how I build my list for free, and I don't see why it shouldn't work for you

    Best of luck

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    Originally Posted by BarberShop View Post

    What would be your strategy?
    Hi, Build a list for FREE Takes a lot of time & effort. I would go with the paid option. More targeted traffic & saves loads of time & effort.

    Thanks :-)
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    Probably Facebook! But understand that with any free traffic source it takes time to prime the pump and start to get sign ups. Biggest advice is to provide value and just be yourself rather than a salesman!
    Working to achieve higher results...
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  • Any type of traffic that you can get could build your list.

    I would recommend using your ordinary ways to get traffic to build your list. If you use a squeeze page and rank it high, that would be a good way to get consistent traffic for the long run.
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    solo ads is my favorite way to build a list. targeted traffic!
    now, i use fb ads as well, but it costs alot per lead to build a list with fb.
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    Like the people have mentioned above. There is nothing really free anywhere. You pay your time or your money to build your list. To build a list for free, it is a slow process and it will take a while. But if you do paid traffic, then you will see results a lot quicker.
    hope that helps.
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    Well what you do is use "free" traffic methods.

    No traffic method is really free because it takes time but now lets get past that

    The 2 best methods, are seo and forum marketing. Some will say article marketing, but i think it has lost its effectiveness over the years.

    Seo what you do is setup a squeeze page and then get ranked for keywords in your niche

    Forum marketing is just using your squeeze page and then commenting on forums in your niche , make sure to provide good help so they actually sign up.
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    Forum marketing is AMAZING! I did it for a week and got like 100 subscribers so it works amazingly well.
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      Originally Posted by Edwin Torres View Post

      Forum marketing is AMAZING! I did it for a week and got like 100 subscribers so it works amazingly well.
      This ^^^ is the single quickest way to grab extremely targeted free visitors. You'll need a signature that has a link to an opt-in page. And if you know your subject matter well you will stand out and other members will take notice.

      $1 'Set-it And Forget-it' IM Email Series
      With A Multiple Sales Conversion Guarantee!

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    Forum Marketing is good to build the lists for free, as well as guest posting also helps. Classifieds are one of the best.
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    There are some very good ideas for list building in the following thread.
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    Originally Posted by BarberShop View Post

    What would be your strategy?

    If you write a really (And I Mean Really) good article that goes viral in your niche you'll get a tonne of new sign-ups.

    Happened to me a few weeks ago.

    All this takes time though, for me that article took a good two weeks to get just right.
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    I agree with what others say, that you really need to invest time and money in order to build high quality list.

    Here are the steps so you could start building your own list...
    1. You need to know your target market.
    2. Have something to give (gift, freebies, ebooks)
    3. Have something to say.
    4. A platform to capture your leads (website, blog or squeeze page)
    5. Launch your campaign.
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    If you already have a list and can afford "clicks" you could look into Ad Swaps and Click Banking.
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    I agree with forum marketing, it works great.

    If you put in the effort and post valuable comments then you can easily add 10+ subscribers to your list every day.

    But then again, if you put in the time and effort (time=money) it's technically not free, but it's better than wasting your time on other meaningless online activities
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    Twitter is a great way to build your list for free.

    Yes it takes a while to build your following if you manually
    follow 200 people per day. But if you target your followers
    and offer great free content that leads to an opt-in page
    you'll get decent results.

    REMEMBER: Never SELL to your twitter followers. Just
    post awesome free content that directs to a squeeze page.

    Chat soon,
    FREE: "How To Make $200 A Day Online Fast!"

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    Forum marketing is great, but I also like article marketing
    Get Free Business Building Tips Along With *Free* Report That Reveals
    7 Amazing Traffic Generating Strategies To Build Your Online Business
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    Forum marketing, blog commenting, article marketing and seo oh don't forget video marketing to the more work you put in the higher the chance you have of getting a ton of traffic just make sure its relevant and targeted to your niche
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    Most of this has already been said in this thread, but AdSwaps work really well and there are plenty of folks on Warrior Forum that are just starting out that are willing to do swaps with you.

    While quite a few folks knock them, I use Safelist Viral Mailers on a daily basis and usually generate about 20 - 25 fresh leads into my list every single day that I do it. You could use something like Mailer Ninja and spend $5 a month to manage your accounts and swipe files for easier mailing, or spend $29/month and use Safelist Genie (sell two and it's paid for each month) like I do and reach about a million Safelist subscribers or more per day.

    Minimal expense for getting things off the ground. It does require time, which equals money in sweat equity.

    Hope this helps you in some way.
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    Guest blogging works too.

    Look for blogs in your niche ...or blogs where your target market hangs out...then write a guest post.

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    Originally Posted by BarberShop View Post

    What would be your strategy?
    Absolutely free? Yes you can use Forum traffic, press releases, youtube and article marketing etc. but frankly that's just too much work for traffic that's not always laser targeted. I prefer paid methods.
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    Ah the old semantics of Free Traffic... It DOES exist, you can pay zero money out of pocket to build your list. That is how everyone means it so forget the "myth" of free traffic.

    I built a list of over 500 when I started by spending nothing out of pocket. My strategy was to focus on the biggest traffic pool I could find and spend an hour or two a day working on building relaitonships.

    Does it take longer than paid methods? Yes

    Is your time worth money? Of course

    That being said, people who need to use Free Traffic (not spending money for leads....) don't worry about the "wasted" time they "spend" on free traffic methods.

    I've taught more than a few people how to build their list for FREE (that means no money) or as close as you can get if using certain platforms.

    Hope that helps

    Let's Network!!
    Shoot Me A Message
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    Assuming you already have a lead gen funnel in place, then really the only way to get "free traffic" is to do JV giveaway events. But that usually requires you to mail your list which takes time, but probably the closest free list building strategy
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    The best way to get free traffic is forum marketing. It will take some time until you start to get a steady flow of traffic but once it comes it's very good traffic
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    Free traffic is key to build list for are some ways for free traffic

    1.Get a guest post accepted
    2.make a youtube video that get high view count
    3.create a high quality content
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    If you're giving away a free report for sign ups, just be sure the report contains only highest quality content and is not just cheaply spun content. The report is your good will gesture to your potential client, something you are offering as a sample of other products or services you have available. So make a good first impression.

    Would you like to learn how I make $2000/month from a super easy listbuilding system?

    Click here to get my listbuilding report for FREE!

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    Originally Posted by BarberShop View Post

    What would be your strategy?
    write a blog post, stick an optin form on the page, post around Facebook, especially to groups that encourage comment sharing. Consider using CommmentLuv plugin.
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    Always think win/win. What can you offer in return for having leads? Don't use the word "Free". People don't give free lunches lol.

    I'd say to firstly have some sort of asset to give. It could be a product which is valuable. Then you can do things like...

    1. Giving away your product as a bonus to other people's products.
    2. Giving away in events like JV Giveaways.
    3. If you have a list to offer, then go for list exchanges.
    4. If you have money to offer, then try paid ads etc.

    Think "trading" rather than "Free". It's a pretty poisonous word in my opinion...
    PM me if you're a self-improv/women dating ghostwriter.

    Lost your way again? 5 basic steps to never "fail"again (WF post)
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    If you are looking for %100 free traffic, then a blog is probably the way to go. But if you have about $20-$30 , you can put a WSO for your product and it will get lots of traffic if done right. There are also many cheap products that you can get that will teach you step by step the best way to get %100 free traffic.

    Hope this helps PM me if you have any questions

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    -Sit in front of your computer all day and work the traffic exchanges
    -Join a few hundred safe lists and rack up free credits,free credits = free mailing of your offer. Send all of your safe list traffic to the SAME lead capture page so all of your leads stay on the SAME list (you don't want to spread yourself too thin).

    To tell you the truth, going the free route is usually the most expensive thing you can do. Your time is money. If you're unemployed go get a job. Allocate some of your extra income (the money you have leftover after bills) to your online business. Just my two cents.
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