How Wrong Way Of Market Research Is Costing You Money

by nrupen
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Dear Warriors,
My name is Nrupen Masram. I am Affiliate Marketer from India and this short video I tried to put my 2 years of affiliate marketing experience about Market Research. I know there are people on this forum who have spent more time online than me and might find problems in methodology.

You are free to point out errors and criticize, because it'll help me become better. In this video I tried to explain why just finding out problems of your customer isn't just sufficient market research and what can be more practical approach.

All examples taken in video are from weight loss industry, because
  • Its very big market
  • Lot of diversity in customers and products
  • Research is easily available
  • Hypothesizes are easy to make
  • Value props are easy to create
Depending on your approach, you pattern of research may differ but method will remain same. I hope this video will provide best possible information about market research and help you better understand your customer and close more sales.

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