What's the fastest way to build a list? (Without PPC)

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What's the fastest way to build a list? (Without PPC)

Is paid traffic the way to go? If so, which ones?
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    Any form of traffic can build a list... There is social media, forums, SEO, Solo ads, ad swaps, PPC (As you mentioned) each of them having their own merits. (There are more to.)

    There is no best method, everyone will experience success with various methods and some will prefer more then others. If you are not looking to spend money and are looking for quicker results then forums and social media would be a good way to go. Each of these can push targeted traffic to your website.

    If you are willing to spend some money but are not willing to spend a lot then solo ads would be a good way to go. You can get a very targeted list of subscribers that way, if you want to go a bit bigger and spend more then PPC can be very good (If you know what you are doing!!).


    You could utilise all of the above and this will seriously increase the amount of subscribers your list will get.

    (I suggest you join the war room to, there has just been a post in there which tells you a good way to build a list.)
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      Heh, but seriously, I've actually had good luck with earning credits with social media exchanges like Addmefast and spending them on retweets.
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    they all work. Testing is what makes it work from 1 traffic source to the next. Pay attention to detail and you can rock it
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    Solo ads, free wso, jv giveaways, etc.
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    Ad swaps, solo ads, video marketing, seo, free wso giveaways, and so on... The list is endless. You just need to find the ones that suit your needs and then work hard on them.

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    Originally Posted by BarberShop View Post

    What's the fastest way to build a list?
    Are you asking because it's a way you'd like to try, or because it would probably be one you'd want to avoid?

    In list-building, perhaps even more than in most places in internet marketing, speed and highest numbers are the true enemies of the two things that really matter to your long-term income: quality and relevance (targeting).

    Just as the biggest list will almost never be the most income-producing list, the most quickly-built list also won't. And for similar and very closely related reasons, which are good, valid and demonstrable ones.
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    If you have a video you can embed a mail client like mailchimp, aweber, madmimi etc. to your video with Viewbix and then get people to sign up directly from the video. Here is a Youtube of how its done:
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    well banners and ppc are some of the best paid options, I like to use a mix of free and paid, my favorite being creating short reports and giving away 100% commissions to affiliates

    You need a strong backend and high EPC to pull that off though.
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    Paid traffic and Social traffic - SEO possibly, depending on your keywords and niche however this usualy takes a few weeks minimum and thats if you know what you are doing
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    You have been a member since 2008, did you take a break for a few years? You asked the same basic questions in 2011 that you are asking now: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ml#post3261486

    Haven't you been able to learn anything in 4 years?
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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    Solo ads are a great source of traffic to build lists
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    Fastest, depending heavily on the niche, might be viral marketing.

    You set up some really good content and put together the right distribution channels. There are certain types of content that, for instance, get shared better. In general, anything that has really substantial content, something that people can get a lot out from with the right distribution will do what you are looking for!

    You can even get a guest post published on a blog that's active and high authority — if the blog has a vast social media footprint, you can expect *that* post to get a lot of traffic, and, in return, you will get quite a bit of traffic too.

    For those people to convert, your offer has to be very good, too. :-)
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    I really, really like Bing ads. Easy to use and they're cool to work with.

    One of the best long term, sustainable- maybe not fastest ways- is Youtube videos. Spend a few days doing nothing but creating quality Youtube videos instead of messing around tweaking a PPC campaign that will only do well for 9 days anyways, and it's something that will send you quality traffic for a long, long time.
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      Develop products and create a list of your BUYERS
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        Originally Posted by CurtisSWN View Post

        Develop products and create a list of your BUYERS
        I agree with you there, but why don't we make a free e-book and give it away for free and that e-book also lead your reader to your paid product. Isn't that how it usually be done?
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    Seriously test 2 approaches: fast and slow.

    Fast list building options include Bing (PPC), banner ads, PPV, solo ads, adswaps.

    Slow: create great free content on a blog and/or offsite directing readers to your opt in form.

    Analyze responsiveness/open rates and revenue. You might want to set up 2 lists (I didn't but I stopped and started the fast/slow methods to track). In the end, the slow approach resulted in a fraction of subscribers daily, but they are far more responsive and actually buy stuff.

    So, what I do now is focus 80% of my time on generating free content on my blogs and gain subscribers from the blog. I invested thousands of dollars and months into the fast approach, but it just didn't work for me. I'm in non-MMO niches ... not sure that makes a difference ... I suspect not.

    The slow approach is also a good long term strategy as my blogs' traffic increases, more and more quality subscribers will join my lists. It's slow going, but frankly I've been publishing some good content daily and targeted traffic is increasing steadily each week along with subscriber volume.
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    Write 10 awesome posts backed with good copywriting and SEO. Attach a newsletter link at the end of the post as well as on the right side of the page....promising to update them when more come out.
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    Try putting an optin form on your blog.write good quality content for the niche you are going after will help!

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    Probably a solo ad with 1000's of clicks or a huge list swap.

    The fastest way is not often the best, though.
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    The problem with trying to do things quickly is the iusually low quality list quick and easy methods produce.
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    why dont you try to : Get affiliates to promote your product. Contact Imers and ask them if you can put a banner on there thank you page. Offer them commission. Adswaps. Giveaway Competitions. Go To Buy Trade Sell Sections in Forums and Offer your free product.thats all for free. goodluck.
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    Two fastest ways I can think of are

    1. JV Giveaways. Create or purchase the right to a free report then sign up to free online giveaways every month in your niche.

    2. List Swaps. Find people in the same niche as you are and about 1-2 times a month do a list swap.

    Other great ways that are not as fast are...

    Article marketing
    Social Media (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest)
    Blog commenting
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