Which markets do banner ads work best in?

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Hi Guys,

Considering banner ads , but never used them and not sure of the costs involved or technical aspects.

Can you please advise

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    Just got off a webinar and ads that do well are in the health, wealth (or IM) and relationship niches. You can buy ad space on related websites by contacting the owner and agreeing to a monthly fee, it depends on the traffic as to pricing. When my site was brand new I was contacted and they offered me to place a banner on my site for $10/mo.
    Search your kw and find a site on page 1 of Google and contact the owner about placing a banner ad on their site.
    Also try image ads on Craigslist in high volume cities like New York. There is a plugin called WP Stealth Cash that will redirect links from ads to a CPA offer so it looks like it came from your blog. You can google: most visited craiglist cities and look for craiglist posting service site to find the most profitable cities. Place an image with an ad to your site like in the volunteer section- for a CPA offer such as- get paid to do reviews (cpa offer) Another CPA offer that works well is downloading toolbars, payout is about $3-4. He suggested Offervault and MaxBounty for CPA networks.
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    they work in any market where there are a lot of high quality and popular sites, the more sites the better.
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    Banner ads work great in all niches, anyone who says differently needs to brush up on their photoshop skills.

    check out media buys to get the best results, expect to spend $500 minimum
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      Banner ads that can capture leads/sales directly from within the ad itself converts the best.

      Most banners direct traffic to a landing page and this disrupts the experience and loses a lot of traffic.

      There are many solutions for interactive banner ads today but most of them are expensive and they are for large agencies & brands.

      Check out RichMediaAd.com. They are built for small marketers, entry-level advertisers, etc and there is a free trial of 30,000 impressions.
      Create Interactive Mobile Landing Pages in Minutes! ~ MobileLanders.com
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    Banners work in any niche out there. You just have to find websites that have a good amount of traffic and place an ad there. Placing a banner on a website that gets no traffic is not the way to go.

    Before you advertise on a website, check to see their stats on Google and if they are anywhere to be seeing on page 1, 2, or 3.

    Plus, for each website that you get on, track your daily stats from that website and also try to track your sales.
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      Banners ads work well in any niche, just try and create ads that can get a high ctr, if you are paying cpm,

      if your paying cpc try and explain in your banners what they will expect once they click the link, like a video etc. it will decrease your ctr but your conversions will be higher

      If your going direct to site owners you can work out a monthly deal, you can use some ad networks like site scout, they have a minimum spend of $500 but you can always get a refund, so you can spend around $100 have a feel for it and you don't like it just get the rest of the balance refunded, so don't be put off by the $500.
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    Banners that don't look like banners work the best.
    Less color and fonts that look like normal text
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    As long as the banner grabs attention and is displayed to the right target market they work well. You can try 1000 for free at buzzmedianetwork.com
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    Banners actually work for anything and I mean anything, If you have them in the right spot they will get clicks if noticed.

    Some things I've learned, do opposite what your competition is doing, in other words if you want to put a banner on zyx.com then look at the other banners, are they plain jane or flashy and do the opposite.
    Your call to action has to be something they notice. If they don't like the call to action why would they click.

    Other things to consider are do they rotate banners how much time will your banner get. What times of the day will it be seen. How much traffic does the site get in unique clicks.

    There is alot to learn about banners but you can find some good and cheap places to place your banner.

    I like to surf the net find a like site that a banner would fit on that doesn't advertise, check them out in alexa and my software, If they get enough views I will approach to put a banner on there site. This way Im the only one there and I'm the only one seen.

    Now with that out of the way, the best ad space I have ever rented is at shoemoney.com there is a spot on the right that says like marketplace and it costs 75 bucks. Your ad is rotated but if the ad is just half way decent your going to get alot of clicks from it. Shoemaker is a pretty cool guy too.
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