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by Adoniz
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Hi All,

I dabble a lot in Amazon and other similar affiliate sites. Now I wish to full-fledgedly enter into CPA. But this looks like one big maze. Getting accepted into CPA Networks, learning the tricks, selecting business models (PPC / PPV / PPT), sites and more is what I am slowly starting with.

So would appreciate some golden tips from you seasoned CPA warriors out there. What would you recommend as:
  1. The One CPA course to read; and trash out all the other junks.
  2. Which CPA network to begin with which will accept newbies.
  3. What business model to start with (PPC / PPV / Pay Per Text)
  4. And which network to start with (Google Adwords, MSN Adcentre, 7 Search etc)

Sorry for posting a question too many. I am sure your inputs would help a tonne of us who are looking into venturing into CPA to start on the right foot.

Thank you for your time.
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