How to repurpose this autoblog?

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Hi all.

Here I am again with one of my endless questions. In November 2010 I bought the domain on which I created an autoblog. It was done as a learning exercise more than anything and of course traffic wise it was pretty much dead.

During all this time I got in to it doing some changes, but nothing big, it was my learning exercise in my head and didn't pay much attention to it. Also with the word free in the domain I thought there would be no way on earth to monetize this one. I did try some ads from a network i dont even remember the name of (didnt want google on this one)and a thing here and there with no sign of conversion at all.

Then I went on and decided to change it a bit adding other things, became an affiliate of market samurai after buying the product and linked a viralhosts banner as well. Still no promotion much other than a few links an the Atracta Seo thing hostgator gives you to submit every now and then.

2012 was the year the website started to move in terms of traffic, doing some rather strange things but going up. 2012 ended up looking like this:
MonthUnique visitorsNumber of visitsPagesHitsBandwidthJan 20126901,9223,3355,59376.62 MBFeb 20127151,9226,5339,856203.77 MBMar 20129542,2227,63116,041282.32 MBApr 20127821,8235,75515,456207.34 MBMay 20127672,6665,6289,965222.64 MBJun 20121,0152,9415,07514,940221.77 MBJul 20121,1002,8816,78916,953312.10 MBAug 20121,1903,0685,78918,666313.46 MBSep 20122,1314,3248,03836,722533.54 MBOct 20121,9494,0489,72433,239490.84 MBNov 20121,3683,3026,81519,956298.45 MBDec 20122,2986,11410,44636,568565.51 MBTotal14,95937,23381,558233,9553.64 GB

Whats even funnier is 2013 is already looking like this:

Month Uniques Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth
Jan 2013 2,748 6,903 12,369 41,319 700.42 MB
Feb 2013 491 1,198 1,765 6,045 82.97 MB

out of that i sold and credited one market samurai (71 views, 5 clicks, 1 sale) and 2 referrals for viralhosts. Remember ive done pretty much nothing except change the autoblog feeds to whichever software i feel like at the time or some broad keywords.

So I'm thinking perhaps i need to put some serious work on this one and make it better. I now have the professional edition of the theme ( i bought it for another project) and it looks better so it shjould definitely go there.

Beyond that im not sure hoe to best proceed to turn this autoblog into a more solid project. Any and all ideas are welcome.

Thanks in advance for your help.
#autoblog #repurpose

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