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Good morning!

I'm reading the Moonlighting on the Internet book by Yanik Silver, and it has a chapter on using Yahoo stores to earn money online. I'm debating between starting a store and possibly pursuing creating something using public domain items & selling them on my own site.

Can those with experience with Yahoo stores give some feedback on their experience and if that would be a good option for a relative internet business newcomer? Thanks in advance!

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    Downsides are that they take a percentage of your gross sales, they're not totally customizable, and they use this weird programming language which limits your choice in programmers/designers.

    Upside is that they've got a lot of features out of the box, and it's fairly easy to learn.

    Personally, I prefer xcart, but I know tons of people who operate successful yahoo stores. Yahoo is definitely easier for a beginner than xcart.

    Eric Shannon

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    Auctiva has a storefront solution now also. They have an introductory special running until the end of this month.

    I plan on trying it soon, however they take a cut of the sale too which is something I always stayed away from in the past. That's the reason why I never tried Yahoo stores.

    To Your Success !!
    - Rupps

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    Yahoo charge 39.95 per month+ 1.5% of sales for starter plan

    Easy to run and very SEO friendly. I just got 6 month free trial as bonus.

    Try to google for 6 months free yahoo store
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