Private Proxies - Where do you get yours from?

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I'm using some software that needs private proxies (Nothing Blackhat - Honest!). I would like to know where you get yours and the price please??.

I could Google this, but to be honest if you are reading this and you know the answer then you are the best option for me, and I don't mind you PM'ing me with an affiliate link if the price is right.

I've had correspondence about Private Proxies with a Warrior but I like to see what's in the marketplace.

Thanks in anticipation.

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    I have been trying out proxy hub.Not only are the proxy’s fast and reliable but the customer support is great as well. you should try it. its quite cheap also, $20 a month.
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    I've been using MyPrivateProxy for like 3 years now.

    Would never switch to anyone else. Customer service is top-notch and they let you request a proxy change once per month, free of charge, if you ever want to.

    My link & discount is in my sig if you wanna check them out.

    I couldn't be happier with their service & support.
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      Private Proxies refuse to allow changing once a month. Tried to do that and they did it the first couple of times and then they said no. I do have an account there, they have been good, but the monthly switching is not available.

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        you can use for open proxy service if you would private dedicated proxies you can check i think that is cheap provider
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    There are all manner of legitimate reasons for wanting to use a proxy. I use a VPN regularly myself.

    For my money, the one that I use is Ipredator.

    It is a very easy to install VPN, very easy to use, great value for money and has excellent up time and availability
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    MyPrivateProxy are very good been using them for a very long time now great service and the proxyies are very fast.
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    I've been using for over a year now. Never had a reason to look elsewhere. Great prices and even better (almost instant) support if anything goes wrong.
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    I'm running international CPA offers and therefore I need proxies for different countries (to check the offer page and to make sure my tracking links are working) - for my needs, HMA (Hide My Ass) was the best solution: I can chose a proxy for almost any country, it works perfectly well for what I'm doing and it's very cheap.
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    I personally use, i was one of their customer first customer when they first start selling private proxy at fiverr. The proxy are great and the support system was fast, usually under 12 hours.

    I also try proxy-hub because they recommend by one of the seo tool that i use. But i have a bad experience with them. When i have a problem, their support ticket was so slow. I got the respond on my support ticket everytime around 24 - 48 hours. I though they was good, but i have to cancel my proxy with proxy-hub and come back to buyproxies.
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    U can try "chrisPC Free Annonymous Proxy".

    I am using it. So good so far.

    For price u can google and browse there website.

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    HMA do a good job. We use it to access Hulu and other US based services that restrict due based on certain IP ranges.

    It's about $80 for 12 months.
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    i prefer they have some good services there.
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    Use Fiverr .But buy gig with the best ratings and you will get fresh reliable proxies.I use it all the time.Cost only $5.00.they are good for 3-6 months.Otherwise google search and get monthly service between $5.00-$10.00
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    If you use Google's Chrome browser there's a nice little addon called ZenMate that mihgt work for you

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    Don't be cheap in this area. Not that they are expensive but compared to others, some people will always choose the cheapest. DO NOT do that. is ABSOLUTELY one of if not the best out there. I guarantee you NOBODY has better support than them. I mean NOBODY!

    Worth at least TWICE as much as they charge. Run don't walk...

    Best of luck to you.
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    I am using Express VPN which is just best for me and i am very happy with Express VPN and its price is very low $8.32 for 12 months.You can check plans and pricing here: Express VPN.Also there customer support is very good.Hope you like it and remember i am not an affiliate of ExpressVPN.
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    I personally used HideMyaAss. There is a wide range of IP Addresses available for different countries and they work pretty well as well.

    Hope that helps.
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    Back in the day, when I used Scrapebox regularly, I found that Squid Proxies offered a superb service at a great price

    Private Proxies | Exclusive Proxies
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    You can set one up using a free proxy script such as php proxy or cgi proxy.

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    I've used MyPrivateProxy and HideMyAss, both good. There are also TONS of WSOs out there.
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    I got my VPN recently from and I am satisfied with it. I can access any site from any location that I want.
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