What Internet Marketing Blogs Do You Read?

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What are some of your favorite blogs about IM that you read regularly? These are my go-to blogs, but I'd love to hear yours...maybe there are some that I'm not aware of and should be!


What are the other ones that everybody likes to read?
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    Love hubspot.com blog. Great articles and they have a lot of good downloads.
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    alistercameron.com. good reviews and they also offer advertising for a cheap price.

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    Seth Godin's blog is good. I read his and Terry Dean's blog.
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    I follow a guy called StevePavlina. He always offers some good and practical advice to internet marketers
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    Smart passive income
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    I love to read Kim Roach's blog, Seth Godin's blog and Sarah Starr's blog
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    After awhile, I stopped reading internet marketing blogs because they don't really give any CURRENT information. At best, they reveal what worked 6 months ago. And they're usually written for beginners who don't know where to start. Once you've read a good marketing blog, you've pretty much read them all.

    They'll have conflicting opinions but they all talk about the same stuff. To make any real money, you have to think about things that AREN'T being talked about.

    You have to read specialty blogs that aren't just about money-making. My favorite blogs are on design, writing, technology, marketing, branding.
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    Passive income since 2007. Trying to consistently crack 5-figures/month. find what you love - dream big - work hard
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    I'm going to add quite a few of the blogs you guys have mentioned to affposts. Thanks for the suggestions!

    ^ My Blog

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      I do like Seth Godin and Steve Pavlina (I don't really consider either to be "IM blogs", per se).

      I've almost stopped reading IM blogs, now. I can barely find one that doesn't include quite a few things I know to be factually mistaken, and that really puts me off and makes me wonder about the reliability of all the rest of the "information".

      I've moved on to travel and neuroscience blogs, now: all much more agreeable and interesting.
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      • Profile picture of the author discrat
        Copyblogger.com is all you will ever need to be successful at most anything with IM !

        Honestly, I am not to be hating on anyone, but I have learned so much from Brian Clark and John Morrow by a country mile compared to Seth Godin.

        I am on Godin's list and just do not even look at his emails anymore. They are short, rehashed gurgle that to me is just commonsense stuff. Really most of them are.

        I am sure his credentials of starting squidoo and being Vice President at Yahoo for direct marketing among the millions of books he has sold seem to make him a Internet and Marketing God to many.

        But at least from me being on his list I have learned very little that I do not know already !

        Sorry to all of you Godin worshipers , just keeping it real from my vantage point !
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    but who is the best copywriter of them all?
    www.sandalscashforgold.com- learn about making money out of gold and gold investment

    www.seducehotwomen.com- this is the real deal!!
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  • Profile picture of the author ymest
    I am totally dedicated to Tiffanydow.com

    I like her advice, her ethics, her products! She does interact a lot and it's like a little community! I am going through the John Chow course at the moment so let's see if I start reading his blog! I try to stick to ONE because otherwise I get distracted!

    I used to read Yaro Starak but it changed a while back, lots of guest posts and it wasn't "him" anymore so I unsubscribed!

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  • Profile picture of the author blackli0n
    I don't read the blogs that try to teach me things.
    I simply follow the blogs I really like (whether it's about chocolates, birds, anything...doesn't have to be IM-related) and then I copy what they do successfully.
    wpjohnny.com - Make Money with Wordpress
    Passive income since 2007. Trying to consistently crack 5-figures/month. find what you love - dream big - work hard
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  • Profile picture of the author James Gladwell
    Not many as I have a slightly obsessive personality that would make me feel like I had to read the entire thing!

    However, I love:
    Happy reading!
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    I personally liked sitepronews.com and marketingland.com

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