You Realize This is a Business Right?

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One of the questions that absolutely drives me crazy is, can you show me how to make money fast, or how fast can I make $10,000. Hell I don't know.

The number one thing people fail to realize that this is a business, it needs to be treated like a business and all basics of business apply.

It doesn't matter if your business is online or off.

You're gonna have to deal with other human beings.

You're gonna have to work and do something everyday to grow your business.

You're going to need a great offer, and advertise your business to people who like those sorts of offers. It doesn't matter if you decide to use free, paid or both.

You'll need to treat your customers like gold, and business will grow slowly over time. It will grow even slower if you don't plan on investing any time or money.

Now you didn't really expect to click a software 5 times and make a million bucks did you?

Do you have realistic expectations coming in, or are you blinded by the big numbers, pictures of half naked bimbos and fancy cars.

Why am I so successful?

Because I don't jump from fancy gizmo to fancy gizmo.

I apply proven business strategies that have been around long before the internet, I am just using them in a way that can be utilized online.

I work every day, sometimes all day. Sometimes all day and all night.

If the internet were to vanish tomorrow, I would be able to use the same principles I use now to build a business offline.

If I had an apple farm or an online business I would use the exact same principles. If I did have an apple farm I would obviously want to build a list of contacts that, consisted of bakers and super markets to sell to.

1. Offer (apples)
2. Market (bakers and super markets)
3. Reach (phone, walk-in, direct mail, farmers markets)

You see those are the principles.

Here is how it would be applied online

1. Offer (fancy weight loss gizmo)
2. Market (body builders, hefty folks , sexy people who want to stay that way)
3. Reach (buy ads on weight loss and body building forums and sites, contact other website and product owners to set up strategic partnership, just to name a few)

When you stop asking "how can I make money" and start asking yourself "how can I build a business" then you'll be in a much better position to succeed.
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    Wait.. so you mean I CAN'T make $58,269 in one month from the latest WSO with no effort???? :confused:
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      Originally Posted by Whos That Guru View Post

      Wait.. so you mean I CAN'T make $58,269 in one month from the latest WSO with no effort???? :confused:
      What?!?!?!? It takes a whole month to earn $58,269! I thought it said I would earn that much in 3 hours!
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    Newbies especially need to "take their medicine" and realize it's hard work not magic buttons that is going to make them money. Many WSOs capitalize on the opposite idea, but the truth is that isn't the case.

    As the OP said, some fundamentals are needed. Most brush past this stuff in effort to get at the magic shiny click thing that will bring them a million dollars. Here's what you really need:
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    Nicholas this is an Awesome post! I am somewhat successful but it is because i work my ass off..

    I love your apple analogy, it makes so much sense.

    Thank you sir!

    Gengis Suarez
    My Craigslist Arbitrage Method Of Making Money On Demand -->
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    I totally agree with your point that we need to have a business mentality if we want to see results from the internet business. I see too many cases of people thinking that the internet is a special medium can vomit out quick cash. It does not work that way as commitment of time, work and money is needed to grow the online business.

    One questions that I would like to ask myself daily is how can I give values to my subscriber today.
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    It isn't about how much you can make in a day, but how much your make in a year or 5 years.
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    Treat it like a hobby, then you'll only get hobby money.

    Treat it like a business, then you'll make a living.
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    There can and never will be enough of these posts. This is how you will make money. The one point I would add is that marketing is the key to any business. Especially internet "Marketing" The quicker people learn to apply that and what you so brilliantly posted. The quicker they will begin to see results

    Great post
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    Originally Posted by nicholasb View Post

    Now you didn't really expect to click a software 5 times and make a million bucks did you?
    Yes, they always lie to us. I had to click 10 times and only made half a million.

    That was a joke.
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    This should be made a sticky at the top of the forum - it would cut the daily posts in half!
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    Yes I agree with Jason. It took me awhile to understand that although it's a business, you have to ADD VALUE first and get some recognition and trust BEFORE you can make the xxxxxxxxx amount of dollars.
    I hate those garbage ads promising unsuspecting newbies the world. Yes it takes hard work. Usually like any other business in this world that lasts and is there for the long run.
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    I wouldn't get excited about it - it's human nature to what everything yesterday, and it be as easy as possible.

    I guess once you have the experience to temper those expectations, you start to realise what is really involved.

    I think a lot of that sort of idea came about when IM first started, and that was much more of a likely proposition. Not a Million, but getting success quickly, as it was an emerging and trendy market.

    Plenty of marketers have also peddled the idea that you can do just that, so it's not surprising that people have a high expectation than they should do.

    What I find strange personally is when people don't want to invest anything in the process. "I need to make $200 a day, but I don't want to spend anything" - Prostitution perhaps?!!

    Martin Platt

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      Originally Posted by MartinPlatt View Post

      What I find strange personally is when people don't want to invest anything in the process. "I need to make $200 a day, but I don't want to spend anything"
      Totally agree, the old adage that you have to 'speculate to accumulate' applies as much in this business as any business and people so often fail to recognize that.
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    This is the kind of post I really like, nothing like a good solid dose of reality to make people wake up and smell the coffee.

    I am truly and heartily sick of people who think that clicking buttons and following links is going to make them a millionaire.

    I have been spending time and money on an internet project for over a year before it was ready for launch, never mind it starting to make any money.

    Thanks to all!
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