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I have been creating a social community for the affiliate/webmarketing niche.
And iam trying to get people to sign up.

I have sent some people a personal invite to my paid membership based community.
And asked if they would like to bring in their list, and get access to every feature for free.
Is that a good way to get members?

There is a lot of great features that they get access to. Many of this features would help people to promote their business and products.

Here is some of the key features

live videochat
Text chat
live IM
Upload your own videos.
Create blogs
Create classifieds
Create groups
Create your avatar, and socialize with other members in a virtual reality chat.
And alot of more features.
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    This is just my opinion so take it for what it's worth. No matter how cool your product or service is, (which yours sounds cool), people are turned off by the direct join me approach. I've done this so many times with so many products and services that would truly benefit those I invite to join me. I never could get why they didn't trust me. It never worked for me, but it worked for others.
    I think you have to be in it for the long haul, provide value for people with attraction marketing and if you are not building your list, you are not in business. The art of list building is the key to a long term business success. Not only that... you have to change your approach to being representative of a company to promoting "YOU Inc"
    Meaning the opportunities come and go, but you will always have your list and you will always have your name. build a reputation by providing valuable information that they can use whether or Not they join you in your biz. That's the secret my friend.
    again just an opinion

    to your success
    Nick Logan
    Marketing and Mindset
    For The Internet Entrepreneur
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      Thank you!
      That was a really interesting point of view.

      Trafficator -- Soon released.

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    Originally Posted by xcpk View Post

    I have sent some people a personal invite to my paid membership based community.
    And asked if they would like to bring in their list, and get access to every feature for free.
    Is that a good way to get members?

    Here's why. I've worked VERY hard to build my list - they are my customers and they TRUST ME. You're offering me (or anyone you invite) a subscription to your site, in exchange for risking losing all my customers.

    Think of it this way.

    Your site is say, $37/month. That's $444/year.

    I promote to my list and for some reason, they don't like it, your hosting blows up, you turn out to be overwhelmed with success and can't handle customer support, etc, etc...

    Guess what my CUSTOMERS (my list) will do? They will equate this negative experience with me. They may unsubscribe, they may stop purchasing from me, or at the very least, they'll have that little thought in the back of their head of "hey, Gary recommended this site and it was blah, blah, blah".

    Gaining access to someone's customer list generally takes a relationship, trust, and sufficient motivation (usually financial).

    You're offering me (using our $37/mo example above) less than $450 to give you access to my entire list of customers. On top of that, it's not even cash, it's a service.

    Services always have a lower than retail value when you are bartering...

    ...And $450 isn't enough to buy most companies entire customer lists.

    So, what do you do?

    Build relationships. Help first.

    Offer them a free membership but ask for their INPUT/Criticism instead of access to their customers. Take that feedback and make your product better.

    Maybe create a video showing all the cool features (make it SHORT) and send them a link to it, along with a free membership coupon (or set it up in advance and send them the password).

    Ask them to give it a spin and give their feedback.

    You MAY be able to approach them for a Joint Venture to promote the product at that point, but it's going to involve money. Very few will take a free membership to promote to their customer list.

    If it's a monthly fee as implied, realize that many marketers like that continuity - they promote to their list, then get paid a monthly cut for each member they refer.

    You've got to get people exposed to the product to let them form their OWN opinion about how good it is. Build a relationship with them or at least realize that money is a much more powerful motivator than a free copy of the ebook or free subscription to a membership site.

    All success,


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