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I am a member of a well known UK accounting body and nearly fully qualified so I know the niche very well. The accounting body has approx 100,000 members worldwide and I guess thousands more who are interested in learning or joining and sitting exams.

I was thinking of creating a blog site revolving around this niche, posting news articles relevant to the industry, blog posts and experiences, and answering basic stuff. I have checked and there is no other independent site that offers this for the specific accounting body, other than the official accounting body's website, where it’s all rather polished and boring to be quite honest.
So I think I could quite easily put together a site and get it to rank well giving students and potential student’s lots of valuable knowledge for free.
What I am wondering is how would this type of blog/site be monetized? As I will not be providing any affiliate links from it to Clickbank or Amazon as there are no real related products to purchase. Apart from text books from Amazon, although they are not expensive and I can’t see the commission being sufficient enough for me from just text books.

The other option I am thinking of is Adsense.... I’m totally new to Adsense or any type of paid advertising on a site, so could this bring in viable income? There are a few general student accounting websites (but not specific to this accounting body), and these sites have lots of ads on them from private tuition providers and other advertisers. So there is a clear demand from private tuition providers and universities etc to advertise the study packages they offer to these students. I have been on the exam module courses myself and each module is around $700, so advertisers are keen to get chosen and get their name out their. There are also a couple of free magazines that are sent out to acccounting students in the UK where these study providers advertise, I guess thats how the magazine pays for itself and makes its profits, purely from advertising revenue.

Would it be worth investing my time into this type of project if I cannot see where the affiliate commissions will come from ...? Should I stick to learning affiliate marketing where I know its a clear matter of getting a sale.....?
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