Are Email Engagement Metrics a Crock of Hooey?

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Yahoo! Implements Big Filtering Change - Responsys New School Marketing Blog

Summary: Google and Yahoo keep track of (1) how often people open your emails and (2) how often they interact with your email by clicking on links. If your user engagement rate is low your messages will be filtered into a spam folder.

My thoughts:

- How would Google or Yahoo keep track of #2 - how often links in your email messages are clicked on?

- How could they keep track of this info without potentially violating the privacy of the sender and/or recipient?

- Do you have a problem with Yahoo or Gmail censoring your messages sent to their users, and deciding if they are spam?

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    Although I use extensive tracking metrics myself in measuring subscriber engagement levels, as non-responsive subscribers are regularly culled, I think this development needs to be strongly considered as part of future email marketing campaigns. It appears keeping clean lists is becoming even more essential. Perhaps seeding your email lists from these email providers may provide a way for proactively measuring delivery rates and filtering.
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