Discription of a Product Funnel, Please Advise

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Been reading through the forum and this is what a product funnel seems to be as far as I understand, please elaborate if this is inaccurate,

In order of revenue generated:

Stage One: Offer free resources and info reaching the maximum audience possible.

Stage Two: Offer more detailed information and tips to those willing to opt-in to your list.

Stage Three: To those on the list offer a premium ebook or mp3's and video's.

Stage Four: To those buyers offer a more in-depth Audio, DVD, or Hard Copy course.

Stage Five: Offer exclusive membership, resource site, website, software, etc.

Stage Six: Personal one on one coaching.

Would that be a good broad outline of the concept?

I'm sure affiliate recruitment fits somewhere in the middle.

Thanks for your help!
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    You have it right on... You don't have to use a funnel system to sell info products and coaching. Here is how it works with recruiting other like minded "affiliates" or biz partners.

    Promote your capture page (opportunities are endless)

    What are most affiliates and networkers interested in??? They know that others are making money and they want to know HOW to scientifically approach marketing... so what do you provide. Knowlede of HOW to market. provide value and attract like minded people....

    the people that like you and your page, opt in. They are immediately redirected to a thank you page which provides more information and if you provide them with a ton of information on HOW to market on your autoresponders... they will CALL YOU. (this is when it gets fun)
    Instead of calling leads and harrassing your friends and fam, you have people calling YOU...
    But YES this is absolutely essential to your success in affiliate marketing or networking. If you are not doing this you are NOT in business.

    Hopefully I understood your question correctly!

    To your success my friend...
    Nick Logan
    Marketing and Mindset
    For The Internet Entrepreneur
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    Originally Posted by eslorence View Post

    Stage Five: Offer exclusive membership, resource site, website, software, etc.
    Also look at it as short term versus long term value. If you do this right you can actually "lose" money to acquire a subscriber as you know you will make it up in the longer term.

    Another way to look at your products is a pyramid, you start broad both in detail and appeal, then steadily get deeper into more focused areas, more advanced, more intensive. Early products take little of your time, as your time commitment increases so should the price in most cases.
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