Local Estate agents website - how can I make it profitable?

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I have a domain name currently with just text on but that is ranking pretty high for some competitive keywords "local area estate agent" and alike. So I am just wondering how can I make money from this website?

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    Rent it out.
    Capture and sell leads
    Sell it out right
    Sell advertising - agents love to put their pictures and lame ass slogans on everything!!!
    Create a directory and sell listings
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    I think its better to create a directory and then sell ad spaces on that Directory.

    It is not difficult for directories to get people to pay if they are ranking good for some competitive keywords.

    Most of my time is well spent on curating my online marketing resource for entrepreneurs: Flying Start Online

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    Call local reals estate agents and see how many much leads would be worth to them, You may be able to get $1000 for each sale you send his way.
    " I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that.
    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

    ~ Jeff Bezos

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    That's a potential gold mine you are sitting on. I think I would create a hub full of information that people looking for estate agents are looking for. Then put up a squeeze page to capture their name, address, phone number. Sell their info to actual agents. Just market the squeeze page as a Lending Tree or Priceline type service where they give you their info and in return you match them with the best agent based on the information they provide.

    Alternatively, agents pay damn good money for adwords since they stand to make so much money from one client. If you dont' want to do any actual real life selling, you can create an adsense monetized site, and your ppc will probably be pretty high.
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    You can offer paid listings to real estate agents, and you can also provide text ad, banner ad, and property placements on your website. Set up an optin form and grow your leads. You can then sell this list to real estate agents who might be interested.

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    I think I agree with Alex.I did an ad for some real estate that June.The ad was responded to by desperate chinese men.The deal went through, got my cut.I am working presently on creating my own real estate website where I will post current listings I get from agents and advertise them through my site.I will always get a client and commissions will come through.Just like affiliate marketing.

    If that works even for just one big deal,I will go ahead and have some of the agents paying me for consultancy and possibly help them make good sales via their sites.And of course one on one coaching.

    It is really a goldmine and I will not take it for granted.

    God is good all the time!

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    I just have a few questions as I have never looked into directory websites or anything like that before. And from what people have been saying I have a few options:

    1.) Create a directory
    2.) Adsense
    3.) Private estate agent bids for the site.

    I know how I could go about doing 3. but the other 2 I am unsure how I would get started with. The directory would this be similar to the private estate agents bids and adsense would it just be like other sites where the article is on the homepage and ad space or links and banners around it?

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    I would try to sell the leads I am currently selling my house and estate agents DO make silly money for nothing so if you have leads to give them, you should be able to get a good price for providing them with what would be lucrative to them......... don't undersell yourself though ....... if you havent ever sold a property get one out and see their pricing chart thn work from that as to how many leads you can give....
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