Commission Junction vs ShareaSale

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Hi Warriors,

I'm looking to sign up with either Commission Junction or ShareaSale and was wondering which would be the better option?

Please let me know what you suggest, and any advice with your experience with either would be appreciated

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    I like shareasale better. So much more user friendly and I like their stores in network
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    Better option for affiliates or merchants?
    CJ is very expensive to sign up with. About $9,000, plus there are high monthly minimum fees.
    SAS is much less expensive.
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    I personally like the UI for ShareASale, but I think it would be silly to not sign up for both. They're free! Sign up for both so that you have more options.

    Example: I promote one company who uses CJ and ShareASale. Both offer 8% commissions with a 90 day cookie. Well, they ran a promotion through ShareASale a few months ago where they were paying out 9% there. Obviously, you would want your customers using the ShareASale links!
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    I agree with Gator515 why limit yourself to one? Why not work with both networks?
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    Truer words never spoken!

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    If you are selling a product, I believe ShareASale is less expensive than CJ from what I have read.

    If you are simply signing on as an affiliate, my personal experience has been that I never had any success with CJ but ShareASale has been very good to me.


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    I am on both networks but CJ has been better for me. They are both free so join both and decide which network you want to use based on the offers you find/ want to promote.
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      Not only would I do both, I would look for others i.e. clixgalore, clickbank, etc.

      These networks cost nothing to join


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    Are you an affiliate marketer? Sign up for both. I have and use both, although I find SAS much more user-friendly.

    Are you a merchant needing an affiliate program/platform? If I were a merchant, I'd probably go with SAS because it costs less and is excellent.
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    As an affiliate I like share-a-sale much better. They have a friendly support staff, their navigation is easy, and best of all, they don't try to drain your account if you go inactive for awhile.
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    I've made a lot of sales with both networks and have never had a problem with either one. Hostgator wipes out about 30-40% of your sales before they pay you but there's no controlling that.
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    I too am signed up to both, although most of my previous sales came by way of Clickbank.

    Of the 2, I never really did much with Shareasale, and have had only a small amount of sales through CJ.

    I agree... utilize them all.
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    LOL I vaguely remember setting up an account with SAS. Tonight I played around with it...looks good from what I see. Yes, it is more user-friendly than CJ, but I'm used to CJ, so it's easy to me. I do like that they have quite a few programmes on there that CJ doesn't...

    I provide consulting for companies that use Adobe can check out what I've done so far.

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      I so far have not been joined with CJ or ShareaSale. I just joined Amazon affiliate. In this discussion, I am keen to try out for the second. However, from the experiences that you expressed here, I want to try first with ShareaSale. There may be other suggestions? Thank you.
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    Does anyone know of software to aggregate SAS (ShareASale) data feeds and export them to CJ (Commission Junction) format?
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    My Vote is also for Shareasale. It is much better than cj.
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    I currently use both, but for my niche CJ is best. There is definitely an advantage to having both so you can compare and contrast with each offer you are considering to promote.

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      Hey Gang,

      Does anybody have any idea how long our commissions take to show up in our back-office of share-a-sale after we make an affiliate sale?

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