How to get pictures to show in Getresponse email

by jj1690
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Hi, How do you get pictures to show up in an email sent out by a auto responder, I am using Getresponse?
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    Does anyone know?
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      I do not ususally do that, and I use Aweber, but I think you have to send the email as a html and not a text email.


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        In GetReponsse you need to select the HTML & Plain Text Option.

        I always go to the old version (inside GR, after you select "messages" - create new's the blue text link under the Use Editor graphic)


        Create New Message
        -->(Option Left Sidebar) Start with Blank Template

        Once you arrive to the text editor, you'll notice two tabs right above the box.
        HTML / Plain Text

        HTML will be default. Much the same as any editor, you'll see a little icon that looks like a it, then inter the URL of the picture. You'll have to have a URL.

        **NOTE** You'll also need to enter your text copy into the "Plain Text" tab as well. No images / html will be there.

        Hope this helps

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          Even if you nail the coding, mime type, etc., there's no guarantee that someone who gets your email will see it. Many email clients turn off images by default. This was originally done in the dial-up days to save load time; later, security became a bigger issue as viruses could be embedded in images.
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    Paste the url for the image wherever GR asks for it in the editor.

    Or paste a standard HTML img tag into the code.
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    Ok, thanks for all you quick replies.
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