Big List VS Several Small Lists?

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Hello Warriors,

I have a question that has been asked many times before. However, I have seen so many opposing arguments that I have decided to ask it again.

I currently own a forum in a fairly large niche. My members are interested in several different subtopics and I have finally decided to start creating new products and websites to promote to my members.

I already have a list of 10k users and I use it to send them news, some featured threads and the occasional Clickbank link.

As I start creating new products, I want to add an opt-in box to each of those. My question is - what's better, to create a separate list for each topic, or to keep adding the new leads to my original list?

The topics are all related. However, I have already identified ten different products that I can create and that I will start developing. Creating a different list for each topic would require a ton of time, but if it's much better to keep my lists as targeted as possible I might hire someone to help me or do it all myself.

Does anyone have any experience with this and what were your results?

To put it clearly, say you're the owner of the Warrior Forum. Then you start creating a website and product for e-mail marketing, then another website and product for PPC and so on. What's better, to create a huge list or lots of separate small lists?

I think an advantage of a large list would be that I can promote all the products from the start, and cycle through all of them. I could also focus a lot more time to the single list and make it much better.

What are your thoughts?
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    As the specificity of your list decreases, the conversion rate will decrease and the opt-out rate will increase.

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    Whenever practical, I build sub-lists that are more
    tightly focused around specific topic areas.

    That way you increase your chances of sending the
    right message, to the right person at the right time.

    Sure, it takes extra time and effort but it's worth it for
    having more engaged and responsive subscribers.

    If you have just one big list and treat them all the same
    then you've got a greater chance of sending what they
    consider less relevant (or even irrelevant) messages out
    to some people and having them tune out of your other

    How you do it also depends upon the autoresponder system
    you're using too and how easily it allows you to create

    Whenever practical, have focused sublists until it becomes
    too hard to manage.

    Dedicated to mutual success,



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    I definitely would create several smaller lists.

    However, don't forget there will be some serious crossover. For example, for the two examples you just gave, what is the common thing for both audiences?

    Don't they want to make money online in some way or another?

    So... I would make emails SPECIFIC to each market (email marketing, ppc, social media, etc), but I would also have some general emails related with IM that you can send out. And TEST, TEST, TEST!
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      I've always thought that the more you segregate lists, the better. Otherwise you're just losing targeting/specificity, which in the long run can only reduce their long-term, collective responsiveness.

      It's difficult to see much downside to doing things this way.

      (And it's easy enough, with most autoresponders, I think, to send out an email to multiple lists while avoiding multiple copies to subscribers on more than one list).
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    The more targeted you get the better off you'll be down the road. If you have 10 micro lists you can always send the same offer to the 10 lists, but once you want to target a single big list you need to be able to segment.
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    I was leaning towards a single list just to save time, but I have decided to segregate my lists and do it the right way.

    Thanks a lot,
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      Originally Posted by joaquin112 View Post

      I was leaning towards a single list just to save time, but I have decided to segregate my lists and do it the right way.

      Thanks a lot,
      If the topics are closely related enough, you could add a custom field to the opt-in form for each product. In other words, if you created Product X, you would add something like [type=hidden, name=src, value=ProductX].

      Then you could continue to send to one list for general announcements, and extract just buyers for news on Product X.

      Since you already have the general list, sans source field, do it with separate, segregated lists.
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    Definitely segment your list into smaller groups. You can still easily send a mass email to all or several of your smaller lists.

    I'm in a similar situation myself. I made the mistake of creating a very generic list, and now need to start identifying relevant sub-niches.

    You could send out a survey to your existing big list, to move some people into the subtopic niches. This should definitely help with conversion rates and make it much easier to decide what to promote or write about in emails.
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    You should be thinking of setting up smaller email list with a low dollar hurdle. This should help purify your lists.
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    If i remember right, I think Jeff Walker works pretty hard to parlay the traffic on one list, onto a completely different list when theres a seperate offer.

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    A good idea to have lots of smaller lists, but super specific. Laser targetted niches

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    Having multiple lists will target your customers better.

    Easier for you to build a relationship and solve their problem.

    You wont end up with a few small lists. It will become a few big lists.

    Making your profits even higher.
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    A single big list is always better. For me, it worked very well.

    But maybe its other for you. But anyhow, GOOD LUCK with your venture
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      Originally Posted by HzCy View Post

      A single big list is always better.
      A single big list is not ALWAYS better.

      You're talking shite.

      Sending your messages to one big list is sub-optimal.

      Instead, send specific messages to more finely targeted
      sublists and you'll get higher responses and bigger profits.

      Dedicated to mutual success,



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      Originally Posted by HzCy View Post

      A single big list is always better.

      And honestly, it's possible to apply that description to a large proportion of your posts here. When you have no idea what you're talking about, there's no compulsion to post, you know? :rolleyes: :p

      At least if you sometimes read the threads before offering your replies in them, and saw the reasons for which so many experienced, successful Warriors are saying the exact opposite to you, you might learn something!
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    I have different lists for all my products. A lot of the content I send out goes out to multiple lists but I like to keep them separate because it's easier to target them with specific information when I need to.
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