PRE-SELL Using Infographic Strategy in Email Marketing for Mobile.

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Hey Warriors, it's been a while since i last posted but here goes,

I opened this thread cause i would like to know some opinions, suggestions and critics on a strategy i'm planing to develop.

I had gathered 3k targeted subscribers for my coming soon product. Now the only mail i sent them was the thank you for subscribing and that was it.

Now when my countdown hits 0 and launch day comes, id like to make the best CR i can, Now i did some math and i know some people got conversions of over 30% its not impossible it just has to be done the right way.

What i had in mind is to send a single email that will be my pre-sell.
I taught of this for a succsessful launch on email(mobile traffic most of them)
-Responsive html for email template(Mostly made out of css less images as possible),
-Add alt text for images make the user experience good even if he has images disabled by default.

Here goes the fun part, I know everyone is traditional short mail and everything but what i intend to do is EDUCATE my list with a niche infographic and at the end of it in some way let them now that everything is easy or possible using the product they will about to get next day on Launch.

Id like to have a subscriber desire the product. prepare his card for the launch time tomorrow.

So my ideea is replacing traditional emails with a infographic mobile optimized educative, intrigue and the rest of the nice elements .

So what you guys think you think its a good idea? Id appreciate any Critics and tips you guys might reply.

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    Not sure it works but also can't say it won't, you have to test it but what I know for sure many email accounts do not display images unless you allow it to display and that's the reasons why most email marketers are sending plain text emails rather than html based temlates emails.

    Infographics will surelly be effective if you send as a mailing like a folded poscard so they unfold it and see the entire infographic, it gives a good impression and you might have some calls from these local businesses.
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    Pre-Selling certainly does work - But sending HTML heavy emails can result in quite a few being caught up in spam filters. Have you considered sending as a clickable link? Host the image, and have them click through to see it.

    If you have a website, also place a "coming soon" message to let them know the product is coming, and prime them for it. There needs to be a relevant message getting them excited, intrigued.
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