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Saw the ad on tv for 1&1 dot com, Has anyone used this site for domain,hosting... How has you're experience been?
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    I have used them before.... Honesty their support is okay but their hosting does not have a cpanel... so I hope you know how to use a FTP Client...lol ... Not the best for hosting.. Bounceweb is good...

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    I've heard of them but I would recommend going with a more trusted brand such as hostgator (for your hosting) and godaddy (for your domain)
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      I do =) Just was wonderin cause I have been seeing this ad and another one but can't remeber the other site they advertise on tv
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    I'm not sure I would list godaddy as "trusted". Honestly, with all the threads just on this forum about how they are, "trusted" would be very, very far down the list of adjectives.

    I use 1and1 for pretty much everything, and have yet to have a problem with them, aside from once or twice their servers went down for a couple of hours. But in the larger scheme of things that's a minor issue. They get an A as far as I'm concerned.
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      Godaddy is "trusted" don't listen to those that says they are not, if they wasn't trusted then they wouldn't be number #1 registrar. Now as for Web hosting, I wouldn't use them, because they are mainly a Domain Registry.

      1and1.com I don't like because when ever I asked support a question that I had, they never seem to know what I was talking about, and I had to explain in much more detail before they was able to get what the problem was.

      You should look into HostGator.


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        Originally Posted by Clintin View Post

        Godaddy is "trusted" don't listen to those that says they are not, if they wasn't trusted then they wouldn't be number #1 registrar..
        They became #1 by using a hot chick in a superbowl commercial not by being a "trusted" company


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    I would stay away from that company. Google 1&1 scam to see how many people are unhappy with them.

    Hostgator, Bluehost, Hostmonster are all better options for hosting. As for Godaddy hosting, I dumped them for hosting when I called up support and asked a question about my Wordpress site and they said we don't provide Wordpress support ... click.
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    1&1 are big. They're owned by a German firm, United Internet, which also owns companies such as Sedo, Mail.com, NetZero and quite a few other firms.

    Their control panel is definitely non-standard - it's their own design.

    I've got quite a few domains registered with them as they're cheap for .co.uk domains and don't have a million and one upsells before the checkout like GoDaddy seem to.

    I've also got some hosting with them that I've had for years and it works OK although I only really use their "control panel" to add a new domain or set up a new email address.
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    They've been around a long time and I've tried them out before, but I didn't think they were anything special in comparison to HostGator.
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      I've used them. They don't have cpanel. I can't cope without cpanel.

      I prefer hostgator.
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    Based on my experiences, pure evil. Avoid like the plague
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    Not yet but i'am going to buy a domain from there website soon. will tell you how the service is!
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      Originally Posted by twister85 View Post

      Not yet but i'am going to buy a domain from there website soon. will tell you how the service is!
      If you'd broken a very longstanding habit and actually read the thread before posting in it (or read any one of 100 other, similar threads here), you'd have noticed that most of us know "how the service is", and that's why we stay away from the company.

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    If you register a domain with them at the low introductory price just remember to transfer it to another domain registrar before it's up for renewal or else you'll be looking at a really high renewal price with 1&1. Also, I would not recommend using them for web hosting.
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      1and1 is not a scam - doesn't matter what the complaints are online.

      The company has been around for years - and was strictly business to business until a few years ago. It opened it's services to the public in the mid 2000s but retained a "business attitude" which made it difficult to work with on a 1:1 basis for IMer, especially newbies.

      I would not use them for hosting - but I have used them for domains. They have free privacy protection but I've not seen them offering cheap domains very often and I've never used them for that. Not every registrar or hosting company goes after the IM niche.

      I wouldn't advise IMers to use 1and1 because their transfer of sites, etc, isn't the easiest to do and their hosting isn't really designed for IMers. Their support has been OK from my viewpoint but answers are sometimes not as newbie friendly as the company was accustomed to dealing with businesses rather than those new to being online.

      But it's not a bad company or a scam company and I hate to see that perception passed on as hearsay.
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