Clickbank education pages... are they really worth?

by vijai
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clickbank has education portal for their affiliates.Is it really worth joining their recommended membership sites?
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    What are you referring to specifically? Can you link us to the page that mentions them?
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    Originally Posted by vijai View Post

    Is it really worth joining their recommended membership sites?
    Hi Vijai - they're not actually "recommended", per se - more "listed for information".

    There's one of the four I've never seen.

    The forum you can easily look at and decide about, and perhaps benefit from it without even "joining", but it's free anyway, and its owner (possibly co-owner) is probably the most knowledgeable person I've ever found (outside ClickBank, obviously) on the subject of ClickBank - a true expert. (He also posts here regularly).

    I've never found CB-analytics or CBEngine useful or helpful, myself, but my product-selection criteria are perhaps a little different from those of many affiliates.

    They're explained here, if you want to see:

    There are a number of membership sites offering "ClickBank-related information/services" many of which are based on rather fictional premises. These sites tend, at least implicitly, to offer "information" not available elsewhere, but a lot of it's derived from "secret proprietary algorithms". The reality is that they have no real "information" which isn't also available to you and me, in the form of ClickBank's Marketplace statistics, which are all the information available.

    Sales figures and conversion-rates are (rightly) not available. Beware of sites claiming to be able to "estimate" them.

    Some of the hidden assumptions relate to "gravity figures", which are very widely misunderstood. For example, it's often believed, and stated, that if a product has a high gravity figure, that's some sort of indication that it must be selling well. This is a huge misunderstanding, and isn't actually true at all. As many experienced vendors and/or affiliates will tell you, many products with single-figure gravities are in fact consistently outselling products with three-figure gravities, and there are reasons for that. Some of them are discussed in the following threads, which might interest you ...
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