How Shoemoney Increased His Traffic From 1,000 To 150,000 UVs A Day - Overnight

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I was reading Shoemoney's blog today and came across this interesting note about his ringtone business:

How Ray Lewis Made Deer Antler Spray "Lucky" - ShoeMoney Internet Marketing Blog

"These guys started this company a while back and even though they were not crushing it they kept at it. It reminds me of when I started my mobile ringtone website. I did it because it was fun. Then one day it appeared on and went from 1,000 visitors a day to 150,000 and remained a consistent 75-100k unique visitors a day for years...I had a multimillion dollar business pretty much overnight."

While luck can play a big part in something going viral, how many of us are creating content that at least has the potential to go viral, if properly promoted. I know I'm not but will be in future.

Derek Halpern (from the excellent must-read blog at is always emphasising the importance of not just creating viralworthy content but actively promoting it properly too.

Plus, Shoemoney achieved the above traffic explosion without any SEO whatsoever.
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    But how do you know which niches might get 'viral'? Shotgun approach? What about the cost benefit analysis most responsible business people need to make to ensure they get as much value from their most precious resource: their time?
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    Hi WA,

    Every niche has virally popular pieces of content regardless of how mundane that content might seem to people outside that niche.

    If a business will spend money on SEO, Web design, offline ads (that mostly fail) and miscellaneous marketing, why not look at at least trying to create something with the potential for viral popularity?
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    There was also a guy who sold 1 million pixels on his website for 1 million dollars.

    Let's all go and start a pixel website Oh wait, thousands of people did and made no money.

    These stories as nice as they are are VERY few and far between. I certainly wouldn't be counting on this any any serious form of my marketing plan. If it happens, great, but paid traffic is much more reliable.

    You should always be creating content people would like to share.
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      WillR sorry you interpreted what I wrote in that way. Sure you can follow what others did and have success but my point was these guys, and myself were doing what we enjoyed.

      It was a hobby and probably the cheapest one as far as investment goes that I have ever had.

      Every person I know who has built a multimillion dollar website or business started because they enjoyed doing it. The money was never really a factor. Even with the Deer Antler Spray guys they already have money so this thing was losing money but they enjoyed doing it...

      My company motto is to build a site that I would use every day.
      • My ringtone site converted ringtones to various formats. I used that every day. That turned out to be a multi million dollar a year business. But it took 4 years before it made a dollar.
      • My blog is just whatever I want to talk about. Sometimes I talk about marketing stuff. I wrote it for 5 years before it made a dollar. Now it does 1-2 million a year in gross revenue.
      • My ShoeMoney tools site are all marketing tools that I used in house.
      • AucitonAds was derived from a free service I offered people called ShoeMoney Ads. I sold that company when it was doing over 2 million a month in revenue.
      • was a mistake but fortunately I bought the domain at 1/8th what I sold it for so I came out alright.
      • ShoeMoney System was a product I released in 2009ish to help people learn to make money online from what I have learned. 5 million in sales to date and still sells.
      • In 2010 I started a website called It was a simple tool that compared your website and keyword you wanted to rank for against the top 10 in google and then made suggestions on what to do. (what directories to submit to, change onpage content, etc etc). I sold this 2 months after it started for mid 6 figures.
      • 2012 I founded the PAR Program - it is a automatic email remarking service that I started 6 months ago. Its rocking it and we are hiring 2-4 people a month. All I (now we) do is take what we have learned copywriting and building relationships in affiliate marketing (on slim margins) and apply it to businesses and it crushes it for them.

      So for me its not rocket science and why I have had hit after hit. I build shit that I would use, that I feel does not exist or does not do it right, and I offer it to others. Thats it. Thats the big secret. I don't reinvent the wheel or do something brand new somebody has never seen before. I just do it better (for me).
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      Originally Posted by WillR View Post

      There was also a guy who sold 1 million pixels on his website for 1 million dollars.

      Let's all go and start a pixel website Oh wait, thousands of people did and made no money.
      I know that story, but I don't understand why marketers paid a dollar per pixel to be on that website? I mean what was special about that website. I don't know the whole story behind it, and will be grateful if someones who knows it explains it as well. Was the website already receiving hundreds of thousands of visitors everyday already when he was demanding the price for, literally, each pixel?
      Making Money without Websites
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        Originally Posted by Raindance View Post

        I mean what was special about that website. I don't know the whole story behind it, and will be grateful if someones who knows it explains it as well.

        It was top story on all the news channels and getting millions of hits.

        When he started, it was a novelty as he sold pixel by pixel.

        The news and media picked it up and it became a huge story. Once that happened, large corporations were bidding big numbers for contiguous blocks of pixel space.

        He sold out the million pixels pretty quickly after that.

        If you can get a web site featured across the world on top news stories and drive over a million hits a day, then you too can sell ad space for a pretty penny.

        The reason the people who followed him failed is no traffic and no interviews on CNN.
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    No, I didn't interpret anything you wrote. I was simply replying to the OP who created this thread. He was talking about viral marketing and I was simply saying that viral marketing although great, isn't something you can plan and isn't something that should be relied upon. It's one of those things that just happens and it usually happens to those that least expect it.

    I think creating products you enjoy and you would use yourself just goes without saying, well it does for me. If you aren't creating products people would want to share then you need to get back to the drawing board.
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    I think he just got lucky, there's i think a .1% chance of having that luck, overnight. out of 100 million people, only 1 made it that way. imagine that?
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      Originally Posted by tomerep View Post

      I think he just got lucky, there's i think a .1% chance of having that luck, overnight. out of 100 million people, only 1 made it that way. imagine that?
      Luck plays a BIG part in viral things like that, for sure.

      But there are always things you can do to increase your chances. You don't win the lottery without buying a ticket.
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    Yeah, I was a guy who made one of those pixel websites, hahaha. I actually did make a little money off it, because I sold it in Japanese market, which had never seen the idea before, but still didn't make a million bucks.

    Luck definitely plays a part, but at the same time what Shoemoney is saying is right. I've had the best results with stuff I'd use myself (or have used myself).
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    Shoemoney, definitly some inspiring stuff. As i'm sure that it is tough to find products and websites to go viral. But it can definitely be done. It is a matter of just finding that right thing. I am enjoying every moment of working my way through to something ground breaking. It is just a matter of time.
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    luck my friends does not play any part of this at all.

    So Do not to debate it.

    Shoemoney, is a site well known for its content. So there are no need to defend him and make him sound like some guy in a basement who spends 1 hour a day posting up stuff to his blog.

    Go read his profile, luck played no part. With his posts, he spent many hours coming up with the content, and then profiling and adding things that he knew would increase the chances of people spreading it virally. He spends many hours making sure he is putting stuff on his blog that makes people come back everyday.

    Again do not talk about luck, luck is no more than when hard work meets opportunity. If you put the hard yards in, and learn to actually promote your blog posts the way they are meant to be promoted, only then will you see results, luck my friends plays no part.

    You should be doing the things, and creating content that is not only good, but WOWS, your prospects. His site is always a step above the rest, and I am sure he intended it to be like this from day one. You have to be different to get better results. you cannot just be another sheep among the crowd you have to be that 1 or 2 sheep that stand out, and make people take notice.

    WORK HARD, and CREATE KILLER CONTENT. Dont listen to all those spin kings, or those trying to take the easy route.

    Since when has not creating killer content ever gotten people places.

    I know a well known blog author here in OZ, who has a blog that gets 1 million hits a day. He spends 4-6hours a day just on one blog post a day, so that it is not just a blog post it is a masterpiece, do that and watch how things will grow naturally.
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    Shoemoney does create great content. I used to get some traffic to my blog through the old but now digg is not what it used to be.

    If you can create a website that people use consistently or that entertains them you can go viral. Just invest as much time into creating quality content to increase your chances of that big hit.
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    So he got the Digg effect. Once people were aware of his site they kept coming back, so it seems he was offering something people wanted to see and return to.

    The Digg effect is the luck part of this though. If he never had that then the site would probably still be making next to nothing. I don't know if Digg still has that power anymore.

    There isn't really a "How" here. I don't think he knows how he got onto the front page of Digg. This is more luck.

    Two Signature lines for rent.

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