Newbies / Exp Marketers What Was or Currently Your Was Your Top Problem/Concern With Learning Seo

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Newbies / Exp Marketers - What Was or Currently Is Your Biggest Problem In Learning Seo Via A Ebook, Video, Seo Website..

I am going to create my 1st info product yippie finally !!!!!

I am happy because of two people feedback on WF.... I am going to move on it

I am going to take the plunge guys with my 1st info product whether I make money or not, my main objective is too learn from it whether I make money or not ...thanks for your support and wish me luck...;>)
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    There's only one problem with learning SEO, for all - changes in algorithm!

    That's something you have to keep up with.

    Everybody with a little spare time can learn the basics, like on site optimization and off site standards. The problem is, how do you keep up with the updates, how do you apply the minimum necessary dose in order to get the biggest results. And last but not least, how do you automate (outsource) it all, in order to make it profitable!?

    I guess these are some of the things people stress out about.

    Kind regards,
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    Part of the problem is people are not doing what they are suppose to be doing so that is why they updated their algo's, most people are violating google seo rules period and that is why most got hurt and some innocent people got caught up some how in this mess but they were not suppose to get hurt but just did and had to contact google to find out why ?
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    My biggest challenge was not knowing that it would take years of effort, time and testing. You have to be in this game for the long haul as SEO is becoming a misnomer.

    Google doesn't want you to SEO your site they want sites to naturally rank. Algo's will keep changing to get closer to this vision. We need to keep up on best practices to support the Algo changes and still satisfy our clients.

    IMO - Content Marketing is becoming a more common method coupled with creating an authority network of sites.
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