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HI I Just want to know one thing. And i believe that there are plenty of people is interested about IM. but they are unable to find a process so that they can start with. may be its bit funny for some of u who doing this for many years. But for the newbies its very difficult i will be very glad to here from you how to get start............
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    simple "FOCUS"
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    Read, research and learn!

    Marketing in any form starts with the basics.
    A good place to start would be the the 'Four P's' of marketing (or 'Four C's) and break down each of the four processes into your chosen market.

    Write it all down as strategy and then put it into action.

    (4 x P's + 1 x A)
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    You have to do a lot of studying and research for starters. But first of all, having set goals and the right mindset will get you started, and don't forget to couple that with determination. For sure you'll get into the IM world easily if you have those.

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    After 2 years of "wandering in the desert" I took a course in basic internet marketing. I would recommend Chris Farrell's internet marketing course. He's a great teacher. Truthfully, after that, I would find a mentor. Search long and hard and find one that strikes a chord with you. Believe me, you'll save yourself a ton of time and money.

    This is my website, I think you'll like it!

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    IM in itself is a wiiiiiiiiide topic!
    I'd say the beginners should start by doing some reading and researching and pick a direction they feel comfortable with. For me, the right way happened to be book selling (Kindle / eBay / and directly), for others it'll be affiliate marketing or CPA (Cost Per Action) or... Well as I said there's a lot of choice! My point is, just look at the whole picture and then choose a direction.

    Do you use Facebook ? Then you can make money just by inviting people to a Facebook group ! It's called the Instant Income System. How cool is that?
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    I think everyone finds their own way to get started in IM, there is so many different things you can do to make money online and what works for one person doesn't mean it will always work for you in my opinion.

    I'm 27 and I been trying to make money online since I got my first 250MHZ Packard Bell with dial-up (I wish I knew some things I know now back then hah, could be a totally different post right now from my own island) when I was 15 years old.

    My first check was actually for around $300 promoting some affiliate that paid $1 per email signup to an online storage website, can't find these offers anymore lol. I have invested a lot of money in stuff that never worked as I'm sure a lot of other users have on this forum.

    I jumped from one rich scheme to the next and realized all I was doing is wasting money and making other people rich by buying their products and never putting 100% into it because I had 5 different products I was trying to learn. I recommend finding something you want to try to make money online and putting 1000% into it and it takes money to make money. It would be good to save up some money and doing your research before purchasing anything online to make money.

    I started using Amazon almost 10 years ago and it has been my main source of online income. I also use Adsense, EBay and Clickbank but most of my focus is Amazon associates lot of people don't like Amazon because of the low % but Amazon in most cases has the best prices and if you can build a quality store and rank the sales add up and you can make a nice living. I have over 30 Amazon stores and have people updating them with fresh content while I focus on new stores, full time business and it's not easy work but it does pay off =).

    Done For You Services - Custom Amazon Stores - Wordpress Blog - Unique Content and Design - My Reviews or Skype = NTech52 - Examples -

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    Find a good course and learn! It is very important to learn the foundation of IM as this will propel you into finding your niche. IM is a huge market but narrowing down your sub niche ( ie; list building, email marketing, product creation, etc..) is more targeted to be successful.
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