Automated Way to Change Article Format (text files)?

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I have a bunch of articles I want to use (as is, no spin required) as text files but they are in the wrong format. By which I mean that I need the article in each text file to be in the layout:
Title of the article

Article body text content
Whereas they are currently
Title of the Article

A bunch of keywords

A short synopsis of the article content

Word Count
A number (eg 445)

Article body text content
Can anyone recommend a software or tool I could use to perform a batch task on the text files (there are several hundred) to remove all the extraneous junk from each one, leaving just what I need, and resave the file (as a text file)?

I'm on Windows, if that matters, and have fiddled with Excel and Word macros with no success, my usual search and replace tools don't work (because the actual content of each file is different) and I cannot justify the time for doing it all by hand.

Any ideas?
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    Maybe it's just me who needs to do this. Just in case it isn't, and someone else stumbles upon my post when looking for a solution to the same problem, I did find this application. It's not perfect, it's a bit clunky, and I have to check the files afterwards (PLR is notoriously non-standard, making anything based on line numbers a bit hit and miss), but it does do the job. Shareware.

    Remove (Delete) Lines In Multiple Text Files Software - CNET

    Note: Be careful when installing, if you aren't it will install all kinds of crappy toolbars and whatnot along with the actual software.
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