PayPal's Security Key (sms before every login) - are you using it?

by sam770
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I read in forums (including this one - see link below) that recently many PP accounts are getting hacked (XSS Exploit and other ways...).

I am thinking of start using their extra protection layer called "PayPal's Security Key" so that each time I login to paypal I will have to type a security code I get from them to my phone (sms, similar to gmail's login sms).

Does anyone here use PayPal's Security Key and can provide me with some feedback regarding this service? cons and pros?
I think that PP doesnt charge for this extra protection but I am not sure
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    I've been using it for as long as I can remember. It's only inconvenient when you click to send the SMS and realize your phone is dead lol.
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      come on...

      Originally Posted by Michael D Forbes View Post

      Let's just hope you aren't collecting a list of people that don't use it!
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        No, I don't use it.

        But, if there is any suspicious activity on my account (e.g. login from a different location and/or computer), then Paypal automatically halts it and sends a code to my phone anyway.
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    Note: when you use it then its pretty much impossible to file an Unauthorized Access dispute.
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      Yes, but is it cost extra money or its free service from paypal? each time I login I will have to fill in a code I get by sms? or its just from a minimum sum?
      Does it provide 100% protection to the account? I mean, even if someone stole my pp password (cookie or whatsoever) they will still need to know the sms code... am I right?

      Originally Posted by Chase Watts View Post

      Note: when you use it then its pretty much impossible to file an Unauthorized Access dispute.
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    Edit: I just heard that there is an option to enter a security code ONLY when money gos OUT of my account, so that I will not need to enter the sms code each time I login.
    Does anyone use this option? Could anyone here inform me how it to apply for such service?
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    I have been using it for years and the battery is still good, worth the five dollars for sure.

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    I think everythink related to money is prone to being hacked :-) So any extra-protection could be valuable. I haven't tried using it yet. But now that you mentioned it... :-)
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    I've used the one for Google but I had to disable it because it was driving me nuts just to sign into my own account and then the gigs I offered of Fiverr had to let me into customers Google accounts and it could be a real headache. So the security feature works for Google and Paypal's got too much to lose so I'm sure their feature is going to be usable but effective and certainly whatever it takes to protect the money!
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    Just to answer a few people's questions on this:

    There are two ways to use security keys. One is by having the 6 digit code texted to you each time before you login and the other is by having PayPal send you a "small credit-card sized device" that gives you the code each time.

    I only have experience using the SMS way and it is 100% free. Basically you enter your password and are then forwarded to a page like this:

    You just click to send the SMS and then enter the code you receive in the box. All that costs absolutely nothing so even if someone has your password, they still can't login without your phone.

    I believe that if you don't have your phone with you, you are still able to login by answering two of your security questions and then possibly having to verify some of your banking/credit card information but it's been awhile since I didn't have my phone with me to login.
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