My VA wants a payslip. I need help. :D

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I have a VA working on a few websites for me, on a monthly retainer basis. She's found a full time day job, and her new employer has asked her to produce a payslip. Now, I've been paying her on a monthly basis via PayPal. So, I'll need to help her with something so she can get her job (which she NEEDS).

This whole outsourcing thing is new for me... and has come with a few challenges. And this one suddenly came up today.

So... this one's to the Outsourcing veterans: Do you pay your VAs (located in a different country) along with a monthly payslip? If yes, can you please help me a with sample format/structure?

  • Hi! I'm a VA and I know some people who have encountered this problem.

    You can make a payslip template using Word. All you need to put there is the name of the employee, the time period and the amount. This method though is a little time consuming, especially if she has worked for you for a long time.

    I know Paypal has a record you can download on specific transactions. I know some employers who acknowledge Paypal records, your VA just has to explain her arrangement with you.

    Does she send you invoices every month? Those invoices can also be used (marked paid) as proof of payment.

    Hope this helps.
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    It sounds like you are opening yourself up a large can of legal worms if you supply them. I can see next you owing some kind of payroll taxes. Be careful.
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    Yeah, thing's like these become scary when the VA start's asking YOU TO DO THE WORK.
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      Why would their new employer want a payslip. Your business relationship with your VA is none of their business


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    Yea, if they are only vendors then you don't need to offer then any kind of pay slip. That is something you give to your employees and would need to pay payroll taxes and I’m sure 10 others hah.

    My overseas vendors just get the email I send them with the paypal information telling them I'm services I'm paying them for.

    My US vendors I need to collect more information and anything over $600 I just send them one of those 1099 or whatever form number it is, thank god for accountants because it's a full time job just keeping the government happy and off your back.

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