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So much of these programs seem to center on affiliate business. Are the marketing & traffic techniques also applicable to physical products? I have two products I want to sell online in two very different niches. I would appreciate your opinions/advice on the best traffic generation methods to these sites. Much thanks!
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    I am confident the same traffic generation techniques will work - why wouldn't they? (And... I could be missing something here myself!!)

    You will be appealing to different markets, for sure - different in the sense that you're not looking only for affiliates but also people to buy the actual products.

    Remember - any opportunity that doesn't ultimately sell some kind of product or viable, and tangible service is going to suffer from (a) being unsustainable in the ling run and (b) potentially being classified as a Ponsi scheme - i.e. illegal in most places in the world!

    But I guess the same rules apply - look to meet a need and a want in your market, emphasise the benefits - people go on Excel spreadsheet courses not to be good at Excel but to create a spreadsheet that allows them to address a particular problem or challenge. It'll be the same for any other product or service.

    Good luck.


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    Thanks guys. It seemed to me that it should work the same, but not knowing the nuances involved I was not sure. On the same note, if using social marketing(?) should I be driving links to a presell page or product page. Or does it not matter?
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    I think the same principles apply here too. If applicable, its always better to build a list. If you have a physical product like say....a bike. You could offer a free tip sheet on how to take care of a bike or something, to build a list that you could then market your physical products again and again.


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    Hi there,

    I am also getting into experimenting with physical product.

    Am actually just manipulating some of my marketing method to make it work. I will say you can use nearly all the marketing method thought online.

    Whats the latest movie you watched? Anything good?

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      Thanks Mr. Lunatic. I hope you will share any insights or successes with your physical product promotion.
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