#1 Tip To Cure Kindle Publishers Writer's Block [Research Results]

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Hey Warriors

I wanted to share a scientifically tested (but simple!) 3-step process
I discovered.
How? It wasn't easy! All told, I invested over 40 hours of research
into uncovering cures for a huge problem I hear kindle publishers and
others warrior grappling with: writer's block.

You could also call it "content creation" block or
"executing income-producing activities" block.

First understand the proven power of the M.A.T. technique.

Dr. Bj Fogg at the Stanford Persuasive Technology Institute is one
of the foremost leaders in creating new habits for success.

Dr. Fogg has outlined a groundbreaking technique that enables
entrepreneurs, writers and creatives to get the results that they
want with less time and less effort.

M - "M" stands for "motivation". In order to get anything done, you
have to be motivated. And the important thing to understand is that on
a neurological level, motivation happens in waves.

So the task at hand everyday is to get as much of your important work
done when your motivation wave is high.

A - The second factor "A" is "action" or "activity". Studies have shown
that any activity that is made easier can be multiplied.

As an example,if you want to get more writing done, the task at hand
could look like this:

First, create an outline which jots down all of your main ideas.

Alternatively, you could also create a mind map. In the mind map,
each bucket could represent a unique chapter in your book.

And what you could do is an easy and fun brainstorming technique
that taps into the natural creativity of your brain leveraging both the
left and right hemispheres of your brain.

The simple act of using a mindmap or using an outline will make it
so that when your brain thinks about writing, it brain doesn't hit
writers block.

But what exactly is "Writer's Block" on a scientific level?

Simply stated, it is just the amygdala which is the part of your brain
which is responsible for the fight or flight reaction, at work.

So if your mind thinks about a huge 150 or 200 page book you have
to get done, the natural reaction is "flight" or in this case "fright".

In other words, your brain will create the kind of neurological
activity we commonly describe as procrastination or a loss of
because the idea of completing such a huge task is daunting
to the brain.

So the simple act of writing a quick outline or letting your creative
brain run wild so to speak through mind mapping, will quieten the
amygdala and in doing so, your brain won't naturally enact the the
flight or fright tendency .

And what that means it that it won't create the type of emotions
that we typically associate with procrastination.

End result? You get more writing done.

So in sum, when we leverage the natural ebbs and flows of the daily
motivation wave (M), combined with with making the activity easier
(A), we get the results we want effortlessly.

But there's a last part. And it's called "T".

T - In Dr. Fogg's model, T stands for trigger.

Every activity that we have habitualized has a "trigger".

So for example, the body has a trigger for when it needs to be fed -
it's called hunger. The body has a trigger for when it needs to rejuvenate
itself - it's called the feeling of being sleepy. A phone has a trigger for when
someone is on the line - it's called a ring.

Every activity that we have normalized and do without even thinking
about it, has a trigger. So in order to get more writing done, you need
to add a trigger to your daily activities. So as an example, there is a
free firefox plugin called Reminderfox - you can download this simply

by typing in "reminderfox addon" or "reminder fox firefox" into the
search engines (edit: found it here - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/fir...n/reminderfox/ ) .

When you do that you'll be able to download the plugin and install it.

The way the process works is like this: set a daily trigger for when
you do your writing brain storming. Step Two - have the trigger
(reminder/alarm) go off once a day at the same time or maybe even
a couple of times a day. the Simple act of leveraging the M.A.T.
technique that Dr. fogg out of stanford describes
(motivation, activity and trigger) - can literally delight and
surprise you in its effectiveness.

give it a try. What do you have to lose? The only thing that's not needed
is not necessarily taking a huge step but rather taking a baby step.
If you do nothing more than download the plugin or,

alternatively, just open up your MS or any word processing
document that you normally use and create an outline - that is propelling you forward. Just take that small step.

Then reward yourself for executing.
Any activity that is rewarded and recognized will be repeated.

Just take small baby steps everyday - don't try to do it all at once.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one steps. If you structure
your day so that you take small baby steps, the fear mechanism of the
brain will not prevent you from doing what you need to do to get the
results you want.

So try it!

Have you used Dr. Fogg's model yet? What would happen if you put
this to use immediately?
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