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Hi guys,

I should know this but...

I have recently bought Office Outlook 2007 and installed it on my Desktop.

Can I also install (from the same CD ROM) Outlook 2007 onto my laptop - or will the purchase only allow me one activation? I have Outlook 2003 on my laptop - and wanna upgrade - but don't really wanna buy Office for a second time.

Thank you all.

Jenn x x
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    I'm not too sure, but I think not.

    Why not use a different email client, a free (and better) one?

    Have a look at this thread:


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      The box should say on it how many machines it can be loaded on.

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        I haven't done it myself but wondered about it and there were a couple of
        threads in this forum where someone mentioned that MS does allow 2
        installations for just that reason, a lot of people do want it on both their
        desktop and their laptop. So far though I don't have a laptop so don't have
        the experience of actually doing it. A search of the old forum should come
        up with the info.

        Outlook 03 was getting a bit dated so I got Outlook 07, which worked fine
        for a year and a half, then developed a screwy problem. I spent about an
        hour trying to sort it out then finally just downloaded Thunderbird, and that
        has worked really well. I haven't been able to get a calendar working with FF
        and I liked mainly that part of Outlook, but I might try gmail's calendar.

        I don't actually think you should have a problem with the second installation.

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