Whats a good, cheap way to send traffic to a blog-style website?

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I have a bunch of tools at my disposal but I'm unsure which to really tackle, should I be guest-posting on other people's blogs? Link exchanges? What do people do nowadays to funnel more traffic into a blog?

Should I just be focusing on creating new articles specific to long-tail keywords and slowly build momentum?

I tried the adwords display network, but completely gave up after $60 bucks and no sales. Could my niche work for adwords?

My site is www.learnthatlanguagenow.com any tips would be greatly appreciated on overall design as well.

- Robbie
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    For cheap methods or free methods guest posting on other blogs in your niche is definitely a great way to go. Also your idea of creating new articles based around the long tail keywords should work as well. It takes time but if you are putting out quality content and helping others the traffic should start coming after a while.

    I'm not sure about adwords I will let others answer that.
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    Go on some language forums / blog websites, and make posts or get them to post it asking for feedback.

    This will get your some free feedback as well.

    You could put it in your signature as well.
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    what is your monetizing method for your blog?

    You got to be clear/detailed in your situation for us to help.
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    1. Post video to YouTube about learning a new language. Post one for each of your principles, beginner's, advanced topics (on your nav menu). Put a call to action in each video and put the link in the video description. (you can try this with 1 or 2 videos first to check the results).

    2. Post unique and quality content every single day. I recommend just posting 1 article per day that focuses on long-tail keywords related to your niche. You honestly should focus on ranking in search engines more than anything.

    3. Guest blogging if you can find other bloggers related to your niche.

    4. Try to find forums related to learning a new language or something involved with international relations.

    5. Think of people that want to learn a new language (people who travel, international businessmen/women, people who just moved to a new country, exchange students, etc.) and think of ways to connect with them.

    As far as the design of your website, I think it is pretty good. You definitely try to get people to join your email list right away without being too invasive. One small recommendation I have is to put a square border around your opt-in section on the front page (everything from "Enter your email below..." to the subscribe button). You might even want to put a picture of an arrow pointing down in the white area right above it because that will draw more attention.
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    You could do blog commenting to your blog posts and increase your google serps of time of course. Don't go mad. Yes, do guest-posting very powerful! Just start thinking of building a list too.
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      the cheap way is making video and upload them to youtube, beside that you can share your articles on social media like facebook, twitter. above all you must have good content to have good visitors.
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    Here is a question for you -If you ran a paid adwords campaign and use it as a way of "testing" yoiu keywords. You must set up analytics so its tracks everything including the words that converted to leads this will be trial an error. You need to invest to make sure you know what market would work.... from a personal point of view - its doesn seem focused enough- what Language can I learn? maybe you will need niche specific pages for spanish etc and free trial? adword will let you test and track and find out - lots of opinions here- data is fact.....
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    I agree with posting a you tube video because google owns you tube and ranks them well. Be sure to use the google keyword tool to find long tail keywords with lots of traffic but low competition. This helps your websites rankings. Another good thing to do is use a pinging service to let the search engines know when you have updated your blog. This helps your site to get indexed quick.
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    Do some Youtube videos, blog once per day, participate on language forums, and do some social marketing. Take Youtube seriously... it can be a major profit generator for you.
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    You will want to check out content marketing as it works for many people. Once you have created the content, you will be able to re purpose the content into different mediums like video, pdf, podcast and others.

    Each of these medium have their own list of directories which you can submit. This means that there is a huge number of people waiting to view the content which can be directed to your website.

    I will outsource the content creation and the submission.
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