Black line ruining my video (and my sanity)

by Tropic
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Hey Warriors -

could really use some hep here...

I'm using camtasia2 for MAC.

When I record a video of my power point slides and then try to play it using any standard video player (ie. JWplayer) a black bar (line) appears on the right edge of the video (sometimes the black line appears below the video) -
obviously the power point slides are all white so how did that black line get there???

FYI - When I record the PP slides they are not full screen. Any ideas how to get rid of this black line in the camtasia2 editing or recording process?

It's very frustrating to record a 30 minute sales video and then feel you have to record it again because of 1 black line... (it looks unprofessional for a VSL)

I've looked around various forums and youtube and haven't found a clear answer yet...

if you're using Cam2 for MAC please respond

Thanks guys!
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