Internet Marketing is like math or science NOT politics or religion

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For every specific situation there is a right and a wrong answer. So when people (like myself) say that something shouldn't/can't work imho, that is just an opinion but with split testing, optimization and analyzing the variables everything can be whittled down to a definite answer.

This doesn't mean that there's an answer for everything. Every once in a while there are factors and occurrences that are baffling, but this should not be the norm.

So if I say long sales/landing/squeeze pages don't work for me (as the consumer) then for you to say they do work you'd really need some hard stats to prove otherwise or else we're really not talking in mathematical or scientific terms, are we?
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    My advice to you is that if you have your proven numbers, be happy with that.

    I know you made another post about long sales letters and weren't happy with the responses. Don't worry about what we all say if you are confident in what your results are.
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