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Hi everyone,

I'm really struggling to build a list. I know that I have to have a squeeze page, a free gift and an autoresponder account.

Everyone who builds a list is telling that you need to a giveaway product to get someone to sign up. But my problem is what kind of info I should give away? I know it should be value. I just don't understand what it is. Here is what I try to do.

I try to sell a product that teaches how to make money online by building a list.

What should be the free gift on my squeeze page about?

As well as I have written articles for people who hate their jobs. These articles send them to the same squeeze page I described. Is it the right way or not?

Thank you a lot
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    Originally Posted by newmarket View Post

    I try to sell a product that teaches how to make money online by building a list.
    The problem is that you're trying to sell a product about doing something that you don't actually know how to do at this time.
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    Originally Posted by newmarket View Post

    my problem is what kind of info I should give away?
    What you offer in exchange for your subscribers' email addresses is of crucial importance. It's the biggest single factor that determines whether the open-rate for your subsequent email series (the monetization we're discussing, here!) is 15% or 85%. I mean this literally: people who "get this part right" can easily be earning 5 or 6 times as much from their lists as people who use PLR/MMR material instead (that's missing out on a huge opportunity and seriously undermining the purpose and benefit of list-building).

    I use the "free report" to offer something I hope will perceived as "information/secrets of great value", and it's really just a little PDF specifically designed and created to be part of my continuity-process and to do all these things ...
    • Brand myself and my site
    • Fulfil the promise of offering information/secrets of great value
    • Set my subscribers' expectations
    • Ensure that the subsequent email series gets the maximum possible open-rate and attention (this is perhaps the one that most determines whether or not you make a living)
    • Continue the process of establishing credibility and trust already commenced on my site
    • Provide content able to interest and impress subscribers enough to grab their attention and make sure they "stay with me" so that out of all the other lists they're also on (let's not pretend they're not!) mine is the link through which they effectively choose to buy
    In other words, just like almost everything else that determines people's success/failure in internet marketing, it's almost all about quality and relevance.

    Originally Posted by newmarket View Post

    I try to sell a product that teaches how to make money online by building a list.

    When you don't seem to know how to do this yourself?

    Sorry, I'm not trying to be rude to you, but what are you doing in this niche, advising other people how to build lists, and recommending a product to them on that subject, when you need to post asking for help on how to build lists?! You must, surely, see that there's "something not quite right", there, to put it mildly?!

    It's not April 1st already, is it?

    Anyway, let's offer something constructive, here - this thread may help you: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ml#post6123982
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    List building is incredibly important and Alexa hit the nail on the head for you. Instead of cutting your teeth selling IM products about something you don't have a good track record in - what about selling information in a niche that you do know about or can become a great journalist in?

    For instance, you could use the techniques in list building here to build a large list in the weight loss or dating industry (or swords, gaming or whatever interests you) and THEN come back here and sell your tips and tricks about building a list in a market.

    You'd start out making money in the niche and then can generate more money selling your information to others who want to build that great big beautiful list.
    Content, Video, Infographics in the lucrative relationship market

    Accurate, Researched and REFERENCED
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