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Just looking for ideas... lets see if the wisdom of crowds will prevail.

So... what type of business could have all of the following.

(a) online based

(b) ability to have affiliates/have partners/strike deals ala Jay Abraham style

(c) based in a high traffic evergreen market

(d) ability for $97/month continuity programs/high price points (obviously one may need to have a lower priced item first)

(e) Where you don't have to be an total expert in the topic (because being something you're not is not cool!) to ethically run it as the owner.

(f) something that you can be proud of and helps people in their lives (most important point)

Thoughts? Gut instinct answers appreciated!
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    I'm not even sure I understand the question? Everything you described is like a forum site. Ala right where you are you can reverse engineer this forum.

    Exception $97 a month is of course membership based sites in reality.
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  • All the points you mention seem to fit into an info product site and/or membership site.

    If you're not an expert, team up with an expert in one specific field: he provides the content, you run the website marketing, and you guys split the profit.
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    I agree with the info product idea. Decide what niche you want to promote and then go to clickbank and look for info or PLR products you can sell. I would suggest giving away something for free and building an email list.
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    Originally Posted by SeasideMarketer View Post

    (d) ability for $97/month continuity programs/high price points (obviously one may need to have a lower priced item first)



    What if $97/month was your lower priced item?

    Maybe you could ask these two questions

    What kind of business could I create where $97 was a low cost item?

    What kind of people would I need to target where $97 is pocket change? Where $97 to them is like $25 to the rest of us?

    Just some thoughts!
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