Best tool to convert articles into videos?

by jimp74
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Hi Warriors,

Anyone like to recommend a great tool to convert articles into videos?

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    I'm low tech. I'd use a voice-over guy and a credit card.
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      Hi Pusateri, lol that is how I have been doing it, like to automate this process a bit..

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    Hey man, check out (No Affiliation) , they are a good article marketing service that will turn your submitted articles into a video for you. Could be what your after.
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    The Incansoft guys have a product called GFX Video Writer that works well. I've used it for a couple years now and it's very easy to use.

    It will import articles right into the software or you can add them manually. You can add images, you can do a voiceover or it has several different royalty free music options that you can use.

    Just go to Google and type it in. I think it's under $30.00. Sometimes you can get a coupon code too, but I don't know if they're doing that right now or not.


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    I have utilized this tool Article To Video Robot which is great and they also have options to submit it to dozens of video sharing sites..


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    Article Video Robot is good but the pricing is quite steep at $47 per month for the basic package. You may want to check out the WSO section for more affordable article to video softwares selling at a one time price of $10 - $20. Just type "wso article to video" in the google search bar.
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    There's a pretty cool one inside of our software. Not only can it convert articles into videos (even spun articles), but it can also submit them to the top video sites, allow tons of options if you want to edit it anyway you want, has an optional human like voice over (male or female ... but you can also record your own voice), HD quality as an option, etc..

    And that's just one of the 27 tools inside of there so worth a check.

    - Brian
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    How about outsourcing to Fiverr to get them to create the video for you and get them to do the submission too? I think it is important that you give them the exact instructions on the way that you want your video to be created so that they can do it professionally for you. It is cost effective and you can focus your time on other marketing activities.

    Just my 2 cents.
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